Plaque for Hero Drivers from President Çelik

In Kayseri, two different public bus drivers were able to survive by raising two separate passengers who had a heart attack to the hospital.

In Kayseri, two different public bus drivers were able to survive by raising two separate passengers who had a heart attack to the hospital. Hero drivers who accept the Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Steel, thanked both drivers for their sensitivity and gave a plaque.

Greater Municipality Transportation Inc. in two separate public bus two consecutive lives were saved. Incesu-Faculty expedition, Mehmet Erdem-led public bus and Erkilet'ten Dursun Teke's public bus used by two separate passengers who had a heart attack, was raised to hospitals with the sensitivity of the drivers.

Mayor Mustafa Celik, met with both drivers for a while at the Presidential Authority. Expressing his heartfelt congratulations to the drivers who were instrumental in the survival of two separate lives, Mayor Çelik gave plaques to the drivers, “Thank you for your sensitivity and sensitivity in your duty and wish you success in your work”.

Car driver Mehmet Erdem told about the incident he was doing while he was making an Incesu-Faculty expedition and said, “I was doing the 06.45 İnces-Faculty expedition. I saw a passenger near the examination station having a heart attack. We called the ambulance and told them to go against us. He also called the bus company and said that I can't get passengers. Our superiors told me to raise the patient as soon as possible. When I arrived in front of the City Terminal, we encountered an ambulance and gave the patient an ambulance. ”

Emphasizing that passengers are entrusted to Allah first and then to drivers, Mehmet Erdem said, uz We are eating bread from this business. If there were no passengers, we wouldn't be there From the time the passenger's life gets on our vehicle, we entrust him first with Allah and then with us. Passenger is our bread, our custody. I can get sick. If I get sick, the passenger will take care of me ”.

İM I did not hesitate to go to the hospital ”
8 Dursun Teke, who has been using a bus for years, faced a similar incident after leaving Erkilet. Dursun Teke, who trained a citizen who had a heart attack in Kayseri Training and Research Hospital, said, et I moved from Erkilet-Dere Quarter. I heard a passenger in the Green Neighborhood square had a heart attack. Transportation Inc. I called our superiors, they immediately directed me to the hospital. There was a nurse in the vehicle. He said the patient had a pulse and asked us to go to the hospital immediately. I went to Kayseri Training and Research Hospital without hesitation. No matter which friend of mine, he does the same thing I do. Transportation Inc. We are all one. We are all trying to do our duty properly. ”

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