Determined Month of the Moon in Akçaray

It was put into service by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and was Akçaray 1 has been selected for the service of all people of Kocaeli since August 2017. Vatman was named '' driver of the month '' by Serkan Tıknaz, who deserves to receive the first prize from Akcakaray's blue epaulet style.

Vatman received the first award; He thanked the General Manager M.Yasin Özlü for his joy in giving service to Kocaeli.


As of April 2017, in order to increase the morale and motivation of the driver personnel working in TransportationPark A.Ş. The drivers of the month are selected by evaluating elements such as secret passengers, comfortable car use, thanks from passengers, e-mails, administrative supervisors, personal care and passenger relations.


Transportation In this organization, which was organized to increase the morale and motivation of the personnel working in the company, one of the most determinant items of the awards was the m secret passenger G.


Plaquets and awards were presented to the total 7 driver personnel including Vatman, Gebze, SahilYolu and Körfez garage by Yasin Özlü, General Director of Transportation. General Manager Özlü; you are the representatives of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and you are the representatives of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. You are improving the quality of service on the island. We are moving fast towards 3. But despite the fact that we are new in public transportation, we have accomplished very important works thanks to your efforts. He thanked the staff members for their exemplary behavior and wished continued success. The award-winning drivers are Vatman Serkan Tıknaz, Gebze Garbage Flock Hasan Özdemir and Muhammet Mustafa Atıcı, the drivers of the Yolyolu garage, Muhammed Yağcı and Muhsin Dereci, the Gulf garage drivers Ahmet Kurt and Raşit Aydın.

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