Capacity Increasing in Public Transport Vehicles in Alanya

In the October meeting of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council, the 60 vehicle from the 33 vehicles carrying out public transportation activities in the district of Alanya with the decision of the UKOME General Assembly decided to convert the vehicles of 12 to 7-9 meters of vehicles. President Türel informed members of the council on the subject, Alanya, the eastern-west and central public transport divided into three parts, he said. Türel said, uz We want to turn them into a more efficient, citizen-friendly way through an understanding that integrates them with metropolitan law, as the transport continues with the remaining system from the municipal municipalities. Le

Reconciliation with Cooperative Presidents
President Türel, meeting with the representatives of the trades to cooperate with the unification of some of the co-operatives and work to grow by saying that the demand. Türel, ın 7 meters in Mahmutlar, 9.5 meters to the meter-to-one upgrade to one-to-one, 9.5 meters in the center of 12 meters to the 32 to increase the volume of the co-operation of the co-operative heads have provided an agreement, “he said.

There is agreement on the figure
Reminding that the payment of a price in this type of capacity is an application made in previous periods, President Türel said, el If you do not do this, it may be a problem in some control mechanisms of the state. We have provided a reconciliation of the figures that their members should pay in the meetings we have made with the head of the chamber and the representatives of the cooperatives in Alanya. In fact, as a municipality, we took all our steps to facilitate our tradesmen. Hatta

6 will be paid 200 thousand TL per month
President Türel gave the following information about the payments to be made by the tradesmen; Bin In the east, the vehicles on the Kargıcak side of Mahmutlar increased from 7 to 9,5 meters. We have connected it to the results of our friends 3 month by spreading the 250 thousand TL point we have a result. In fact, there was a verbal agreement between them and all witnesses. We also signed a written protocol. La

Plate value will increase
Specifically, these types of public transportation vehicles, as a result of market conditions, indicating that the number of figures, stating that bir In today's market conditions of approximately 1 million 200 thousand TL in a car in the town of Mahmutlar Kargicak 9.5 meter to increase the value of the plate at least 300 thousand TL increase they have expressed. That's why we said 250 bin, 50 thousand more than they wanted a discount, said 200 thousand TL. Because to help our tradesmen, we thought that we should support our tradesmen at least with a figure less than the value of the market conditions, ıza he said.

Alanya's plate value and Antalya's different
President Menderes Türel emphasized that they have financial and legal responsibilities such as taking precedents in Antalya in the past. “Antalya transportation tradesmen paid 88 thousand 209 pounds per annum for the capacity increase of 806 in the past. Considering the fact that two tradesmen merged and turned into one bus, one thousand pounds were paid for a bus for 409. Alanya transport trades for a capacity increase of only 266 200 thousand pounds will pay a thousand Mahmutlar'da. In the center, it is half a figure. It is completely wrong that Antalya has never been paid less. A question may be asked if you have bought too much from Antalya craftsmen, not because Alanya is always different with the plate values ​​of Alanya. Antalya

Not obligatory, in the choice of trades
Türel continued as follows: diye We do not convert our trades into necessity because you will pay this to our tradesmen. Totally at your will. If the pays up the vehicle, if it does not pay today's vehicles with the current system continue to carry passengers. That's the solution we can find to respond to their demand in the face of their growing demand for these vehicles. Bu

“We are responsible for the public damage“
President Menderes Türel emphasized that such a situation would not be in question, ağ We have institutions in which we are responsible for public damage. We demand it from our tradesmen at least. This is not possible in the transportation commission, the number of plan budget commission under a pound at the moment the chance of taking public damage is not possible. Our Assembly may say no. He is the addressee of public damage to our members of parliament. But public damage will occur because if we do not get to say that every council member can say yes to the damage of the public tomorrow tomorrow, "he said.

Yellow envelope will not come to a single council member
In the past, due to public damage to some of the members of the council went to the yellow envelopes reminded President Türel, ık God, until the time we have completed our task, and after completing a single council member will come without a yellow envelope, we will complete this period so as not to have problems. I carry the responsibility of all of you. I hope I will never come because my first period never came, benim he said

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