Heads of Capital with Steering Wheel


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality aims to help school-age children learn the traffic rules and kazanThe Children's Traffic Education Park, which was put into service in Kurtuluş Park for the purpose of helping children in the capital city, continues to teach while entertaining them.

The park is located on an area of ​​3 thousand square meters; From pedestrians to drivers, from cycling to service rules, all kinds of traffic training is provided. After the 20 minute lesson, the tiny pupils at the wheel of the car with battery powered vehicles are enjoying the happiness of learning on the track prepared as a miniature of Ankara.


The education building in the Children's Traffic Education Park, traffic track, sidewalks, turn-light and lightless intersections, pedestrian crossings, traffic signs and battery powered vehicles, the capital city of Ankara on the track where the tiny, traffic rules are practicing.

While the 0312 bin 507 students receive education at the Traffic Training Park, where the schools have shown great interest and made an appointment with their students on the dönem 15 38 45 725 iyle, the park is filled with children every week during the education period.


The importance of traffic rules, ortam tree leans while the old uzman principle at a young age, the children of the Metropolitan Municipality, accompanied by expert trainers and provides traffic training in a safe environment.

Children who come to the park with their teachers to learn the rules of traffic at a young age, learn the rules related to traffic by practicing with theoretical and cordless cars and live enjoyable moments.

Children who ride on battery cars for the first time on the track where pedestrian crossings, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, roads, school buildings are located, learn both driver and pedestrian rules in practice.


Children who are trained in traffic learn that the basic rule and priority is life safety.

Children who benefit from the traffic education provided by the Metropolitan Municipality free of charge, learn more about what they need to pay attention to traffic rules.

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