3. Airport Terminal Flooded

flooded airport terminal
flooded airport terminal

There are still significant deficiencies in the third airport, which will be opened two weeks later in Istanbul. A video published by İnşaat-İş Union revealed that the roof of the airport terminal was leaking from many points during a downpour.

The opening of the third airport of Istanbul, which is brought to the agenda with the poor working conditions of the workers, will be held in October at 29. However, images from time to time related to airport construction cause question marks. Sharing the images of the workers' dormitories in the past days, the Construction-Business Union released a video about the airport terminal yesterday. The images show that water flows from the roof of the terminal during the precipitation and the ground is flooded.

Kadir Kurt, the Construction Workers' Union Organization Secretary who made a statement to the Newspaper Wall, said: “The place where these images were taken is the phase to be opened in October 29. There are photos and videos about the floods experienced by the workers there. That's not the first, Yani he said.

Kurt found that the 3 has three phases at the airport terminal, and gave the following information: X This video was shared with 3-4 days before the wards were flooded. I presume that the water in the ward is due to the installation, but it is more likely that the flood that occurred at the terminal's terminal was caused by rain. It is worth mentioning here: the reason for the negligence here as well as the fact that the working conditions of the airport workers made them dangerous and put their lives at risk, once again showed the rightness of the resistance of the workers to the public. Burada


Di I apologized to my fellow workers, ay said Kadri Samsunlu, CEO of IGA, who was established to build the airport and to operate the 25 throughout the year, to Haberturk writer Fatih Altaylı. They were right. There were problems, accumulated, but I didn't know. These were not reflected in me. Bunlar

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