Istanbul New Airport Transportation Bid Completed

The company, whose first phase will be transported for 29 years to reach Istanbul New Airport, which will be opened on October 10, was determined by the tender held by the IETT General Directorate, closed to the press in its building in Beyoğlu.

Within the scope of the 3rd Airport public transportation integration throughout Istanbul, IETT Operations General Directorate has offered the highest bid for the line rental tender for 18 years with 150 buses on 10 lines in order to establish “Luggage Luxury Transportation Lines” and to meet the transportation with suitable vehicles. Including 475 million 488 thousand TL) Galatasaray 2. President Abdurrahim Albayrak's company Altur won the Free Tourism Inc. consortium of TAV Airports Holding company Havaş and Efe Erboz.

While Altin Tourism, Havas and Free Tourism bid as a consortium, Platform Tourism and Sarilar Tourism have submitted bids separately. Tender Commission invalidated Sarılar Turizm's offer.

Celal Kalkan, Board Member and General Manager of Turex Tourism, one of the companies invited to the tender, said they did not bid because they found the costs very high. Istanbul People's Transportation also did not offer.

Altur, who won the line rental business tender for public transportation with a price of 475 million 488 thousand TL including VAT, has also emerged how the Free Tourism Inc. consortium of TAV Airports Holding company Havaş and Efe Erboz will pay. Accordingly, the monetary amount of 20 percent of the contract price of the full electronic ticket provision will be paid by dividing it equal to 5 months starting from the month following the date of signing the contract. 80 percent will be paid by dividing it evenly by 120 months.

3.Havaliman to carry the baggage with the luxury of the day 75 thousand passengers are expected to carry bus according to the distance between 12 and 30 TL will be charged according to the specification. The operator will not be charged for children up to 6. The most places will be the Yenikapı-Sirkeci line of 50 kilometers. 11 will move a vehicle every minute and even 23 will serve the vehicle. The cost of this line will be 18 TL. The most expensive and distant line will be from Pendik district. On this line, the 5 vehicle will be scheduled. The cost of the 93 kilometer Pendik line will be 30 TL.

Bus lines details and prices are as follows;
Line name-Distance (one way) -Sefer frequency-Trip fee-Number of vehicles

1.Beylikdüzü Tuyap-52 km-15 minute-21 TL-15 vehicle
2.Otogar-38 km-15 minute-16 TL-12 vehicle
3.Bakırköy-44 km-10 minute-18 TL-19 vehicle
4.Yenikapı-Sirkeci-50 km-11 minute-18 TL-23 vehicle
5.Beşiktaş-43 km-20 minute-18 TL-13 vehicle
6.Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station-31 km-30 minute-16 TL-5 vehicle
7.Kadıköy-64 km-20 minutes-25 TL-11 vehicle
8.Pendik-93 km-45 minute-30 TL-5 vehicle
9.Hacıosman-40 km-30 minute-16 TL-4 vehicle
10.Tepe-91 km-30 minute-25 TL-7 vehicle
11.Arnavutköy-22 km-40 minute-12 TL-3 vehicle
12.Kemerburgaz-21 km-40 minute-12 TL-3 vehicle
13.Sarıyer-40 km-30 minute-16 TL-5 vehicle
14.Bashakehir-27 km-30 minute-14 TL-4 vehicle
15.Bahçeşehir-40 km-40 minute-16 TL-4 vehicle
16.Mahmutbey Metro-36 km-45 minute-15 TL-3 vehicle
17.Halkalı-40 km-50 minutes-16 TL-4 vehicle
18.Mecidiyeköy-37 km-15 minute-16 TL-10 vehicle

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