Istanbul IMM Navigation "Guiding" to be used in all of Turkey

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and that navigation service developed by 11 city located in the Marmara region, Guiding, will be used in all of Turkey now.

Guiding IMM, Turkey's first and only domestic navigation applications. Developed by IMM and its subsidiary İSBAK.

Some time ago, the application called as birçok Yol Yolen ı, which was launched for the use of smartphone users, was designed to eliminate many problems especially in Istanbul. The navigation system, which has many surpluses, does not leave you on the road even when you do not have an internet connection and allows you to create routes.

It also offers street images to the user. The application, which is integrated with public transportation vehicles, can offer additional routes to the users in case of any accidents and mishaps.

Mobile application that can be used by all smartphone users with Android and iOS operating system Parking places, fuel stations, pharmacies, ATMs and public transport vehicles with opera, golf course and campgrounds can be located in the 47 search category. In addition to Istanbul, Edirne, Kirklareli, Tekirdag, Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Bursa, Yalova, Bilecik, Sakarya and started to be used in Kocaeli.

Guiding Turkey now all in the opening preparation.

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