Railway Connection to DP World Port Coming

DP World Yarımca Port, which made more than 4.3 Billion Dollars in global level in the Gulf, welcomed the press members at the port. The press members were Gökhan Yurteken, Trade and Corporate Communications Manager, Kenan Balcı, Blue Collar Instructor, Asude Şengül, Communications Manager, and Oğuzhan Ağca, Operation Manager. 500 employees work at DP World Port, which is built in the district of Körfez with the contribution of very good import and export balance of our city.


The port is completely foreign capital with this feature is separated from other ports. Our company is based in Dubai. 40 has more than 78 port operations in the country and provides port and warehouse services. The owners of the companies who are satisfied with the investment in our province make investment plans in places where there is an opportunity. 1.3 container containers will answer the 584 container this year.


2017 has realized more than $ 1 global turnover in 4.3 at the port where there are internal filling area, pre-control area, duty-free field, customs area, technical workshop, maintenance and repair place of vehicles, inspection area, filling area sections. 5 started years ago while the port was actually working, ending 3 was built years ago. DP World Harbor, which is the most efficient port designed on the container, parks its vehicles in the area for the comfort of the people of the region. The biggest container volume of Kocaeli is growing every year.


Operation Manager Oğuzhan Ağca, who provided information about the port, said: Operasyon There are 500 people working in the port. In total, 3 is working shifts. 7 day 24 hours service Customs personnel and officers work in the customs building. Inspection officers are working at the parking lot and inspection area of ​​the transit vehicles. We have a speed limit of 20 km. Work clothes and work equipment at the highest level. In addition, we provide occupational safety trainings Ayrıca.


Continuing his speech, Ağca said, UM The port was invested with a million dollar investment in 550. We have an 44 terminal terminal at the port, the 14 units will be added. We control the plates of vehicles in the pre-control area of ​​the port. We are working on the car for the first time appointment system in Turkey. In this way, the company and the transporters come in without waiting. In the loading area for container vehicles in Turkey are unmatched application. Part of the area is surrounded by wire and the purpose is to maximize occupational safety rules. We operate machines without containers here. We are trying to separate the machines and pedestrians. Makina


Ağca, am Our duty-free area starts after the duty-free field area. Here are the guard officers working. International rules apply in this area. The rate of female employees at the port is very high around 16. We have female operators, puantörs and supervisors and we are very pleased that we have a regular and organized working environment. Thanks to our entry and exit system, the numbers and plates of the containers are automatically read. The goal is to avoid as much personal error as possible. If people make a mistake, this will be an extra cost for everyone Eğer.


The containers and vehicles in the scanning process stated that they use the latest technology Agca, "In the 90 percent of the ports in Turkey must stop the container and the vehicle in order to complete this process and this process 15-20 minutes duration. In DP World, the vehicle is checked at all times while passing through the XR. The device automatically detects the vehicle and controls 90 units per hour. Şekil


Indicating that they take all kinds of measures from the issue of safety and environment, Ağca said, dık The container business has no possibility of polluting the sea. We sort plastic and nylon bags. We are on the way to reduce the amount of plastic waste to 20 all over the port. We are removing the plastic cups by changing the jug, cup, flask method. Our trunks are divided into docks and black cranes. We have made most of the inspection area and the container filling area free from humans. Large machines are working here, Burada he said.


Operators who will work for the transportation of containers say that the 4 is undergoing a monthly training. Eğitim They start with the certificate received from the port association. We have an 21 operator. These operators are running 65 hours at a height of 8 meters. Of course it works periodically. After a short time, there will be a railway connection in our port. It's under construction. In January of next year, some of the containers will come to our port by rail. Gelecek


Ağca said, Ağ We have two berths. The 1 meter is the 453 meter, and the 2 meter is the largest container in the world. Comes monthly 465 ships. This capability does not exist in any other port in Turkey. We do not have as much personnel as possible under the first pier crane, thus minimizing the risk in that part of the personnel. We will organize a drill with Tüpraş at the beginning of October. Ekim

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