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Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su stated that 98% of the high-speed train infrastructure works between Adana and Mersin have been completed and said, "When this project is completed, the journey between Adana and Mersin will be reduced to 25 minutes."

In his speech at a coffee house in Adanalıoğlu neighborhood square and accompanied by Deputy Governor Mahmut Halal and Akdeniz District Governor and Deputy Mayor Muhittin Pamuk, right after meeting with the headmen of Akdeniz District in the meeting they organized as Mersin Governorship, to listen to both the problems and demands of the citizens. as well as sohbet Stating that they held this meeting with the aim of making this meeting, Governor Su underlined that all public institutions and organizations are on duty to serve our citizens 7 hours a day, 24 days a week.

In the continuation of his speech, Governor Ali İhsan Su, who made important statements about the ongoing investments in Mersin, said, “The construction of the 'Çukurova Regional Airport', which will change the face of Mersin, continues rapidly. Infrastructure work has been completed, and superstructure work continues. The "High Speed ​​Train" infrastructure works between Adana and Mersin have been completed by 98 percent, and the tender process for the superstructure continues. "After the end of this project, the journey between Adana and Mersin will be reduced to 25 minutes."

Yenice'ye approximately 500 acres based on a 'Logistics Center' was also expressed that the Governor Su, the total amount of transportation in the field of 5 billion pounds, said the 34 project continues. Governor Ali İhsan Su; “We completed the Akbelen Interchange and reached the end of the construction of the Harbor-Hal Interchange. When the 'Mersin-Antalya Coastal Road' is completed, the journey time between 9-10 hours and Mersin-Antalya will be reduced to 4-5 hours. Çeşmeli-Taşucu highway road tender is also done 'he said.

Governor Su, who continued to work on the construction of 100 ponds throughout the province, continued his statements. In the last 2017 year, the governor's office said that the 76 parquet would be laid in the neighborhood, and in 2018, the 91 parquet would be laid in the neighborhood. Governor Water, 4 County Government House construction will take place, the Mediterranean Municipality, Condolence House, Youth Center and park construction work, as well as the paving work continued uninterrupted, he said.

Governor Ali İhsan Su, who continued his speech by referring to the ongoing tourism activities throughout our province, said, uz We are repairing the Silifke Castle. Heaven-Hell Ruins In the original place, including the elevator again we repair the original way. Many projects for tourism are in progress and when these projects are completed, Mersin will experience a tourism boom. In order to completely renew the Çiçek Çiçek Pasajı Akdeniz in our Mediterranean district, we have allocated TL 1.5 million worth of resources and the works are continuing rapidly. ” Governor Su added that important investments are continuing in the field of education; In addition to all these investments, the Social Support Program (SODES) projects are continuing rapidly. Stating that 5 million 27 thousand pounds support was provided for SODES projects in our province from the Ministry of Development, Governor Ali İhsan Su once again thanked the former Development Minister and Mersin Deputy Mr. Lütfi Elvan for providing great support to our province. Governor of the State and our government works continuously in all areas and investments, with the support of our citizens continued to express quickly continuing Governor, Su said that Mersin will become a completely different city when these investments are completed.

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