Express Service to SAMULAŞ's New Prison Route

The new prison express line 15, which will be served by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ, will start to serve from September.

The new E7 Express line, which will provide transportation services in Samsun on behalf of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, will start to provide public transportation services in Samsun on Saturday.

Sahin, our work continues in new express lines
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality President Zihni Sahin said in his statement about the new express line, ş SAMULAŞ, Samsun, to provide more comfortable and safe public transport services to our metropolitan municipality on behalf of the whole 100 low-based and handicapped accessible buses provide service. The E7 Express line to be operated by SAMULAŞ will be in service on the Çatkaya New Prison route, which is in operation recently. Our citizens are satisfied with the express lines and as the Metropolitan Municipality we will increase the number of such lines and ensure that our citizens meet with comfortable and safe public transportation. In line with this, our work continues for new express lines. Bu

Great Mosque - Meydan - Osmaniye Caddesi - Education Research - Tepecik - New Prison
The new E7 Express line, which will depart from the Great Mosque, Cumhuriyet Square, Osmaniye Caddesi, Kadıköy Mahallesi will serve the New Prison by using the Physical Therapy and Chest Hospital, Education Research, Tepecik, Ataköy Sapağı route. E7 Express vehicles will start their first flight at 07.00:18.00 in the morning and make their last flight from the Great Mosque at 07.00:09.00. E30 Express vehicles that will move hourly between 7 and 07.00 on weekdays and within 18.00 minutes during the day, and will move every hour between XNUMX and XNUMX on weekends.

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