3.Airport to Bulgaria to Minimize Flight Time to 45

3 airport will reduce the time of the bulgaristan to 45 minutes
3 airport will reduce the time of the bulgaristan to 45 minutes

Istanbul New Airport will reduce the flight time from Bulgaria to 1 hour and 20 minutes to 45 minutes. Turkish Airlines' Bulgarian Country Manager Mehmet Gürkaynak, who organizes 18 flights a week to Sofia, said: “We are carrying the transportation leg as THY in order to integrate the two countries together and increase the tourism potential. We have 18 flights per week between Sofia and Istanbul. As of March 2019, it will be 3 times a day, 21 times a week. We have 11 flights between Varna and Istanbul, ”he said.


Pointing out that one of the prominent places in Bulgaria is Bansko, famous for ski tourism, Gürkaynak also stated that it is possible to reach here by car in a short time via Sofia. Bulgaria's Consul General in Istanbul Angel Angelov, who stands out as an alternative to the holiday plans in the Austrian or Swiss Alps due to the fluctuation in the exchange rates, stated that around 30 thousand Turkish tourists came to Bansko last year. Indicating that they expect around 30-50 thousand Turkish tourists this year, Angelov said, “Despite the depreciation in Turkish Lira, we still expect an increase in the number of Turkish ski lovers.”


Bansko, which is 150 kilometers away from Sofia and reached after a 2.5-hour journey, has 990 ski slopes from 2 to 600 meters. Natalia Kashirskaya, General Manager of Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena, one of the Bansko hotels, said that they can host Turkish tourists for a third of the ski resorts in Europe.


Source: sabah

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