TÜDEMSAŞ Towards 2035 Targets

Sivas Governor Davut Gül visited TÜDEMSAŞ within the scope of his visit to public institutions and organizations. At the meeting, Deputy General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu and Governor Davut Gül answered questions from members of the press about TÜDEMSAŞ.

Davut Gul, the governor of Sivas, made a statement to the members of the press about TÜDEMSAŞ and said, “TÜDEMSAŞ has become able to compete with Germans and Austrian companies. Our new product bank is formed. The certification and quality process has disappeared in order to reach the European market. TÜDEMSAŞ's own subsidiary industry is developing. In our organized industry, it is very important that the 10 company in the private sector is employing 600 people. There is no place where we collect as much as we collectively. After 10 years this number will be almost thousands of people. The point is, does this market need wagons or not? As far as we can see, when we put the renewal of old wagons in the world, the renewal of wagons in our country as well as the increase in railway transportation, the freight wagon is needed. Both TÜDEMSAŞ is needed and the private sector is needed. If Sivas in TÜDEMSAŞ well managed, if he can better competition, better R & D occurs both in Turkey and we are selling products to the world. The future of TUDEMSAS, the employees of TUDEMSAS, the management of TUDEMSAS will decide. TÜDEMSAŞ If it is managed well and can compete, it becomes the company which is shown with finger in the world. " said.

GÜL, AR If we do the work we are experts, we will grow BÜ

Governor Davut Gül stated that the public perception of Sivas has been trying to create a false perception for years and said, şehir There is a city legend. Let TUDEMSAS enter the defense industry, let TUDEMSAS produce high-speed trains, and TUDEMSAS should enter this sector. You don't need any. If we do the work we know and the work we are experts in, TUDEMSAS grows. Companies that do business with TUDEMSAS also grow. The city will be the locomotive. Another benefit of TÜDEMSAŞ is; TUDEMSAS is a school. What kind of school? Our retired person is doing business in the market. He goes and sets up a lathe. Or he's a wanted man somewhere else. This is really important. This knowledge is something that will not be received from this experience elsewhere. In this respect, TÜDEMSAŞ is an important institution. ”

Mehmet Başoğlu, Deputy General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ, stated that our country is continuing its activities in line with the 2035 Railway Vision of our country, which is determined in the Transportation Councils; Sak If we look at the ones that fall within the scope of our Company's expertise; To increase the share of the private sector in the production and maintenance of towing and towing vehicles, to increase the share of the private sector in railway operations to 50%, to increase the share of railways which is% 4 in freight transportation to the level of 15%. As one of the oldest and most established institutions of the railway industry in our country, we are working towards these goals ”.

Başoğlu also added that according to the data of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, 2023 units are needed until 11.500 and 2035 units are needed until 33.000.

Sivas Governor Davut Gul, as well as TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Managers and senior executives attended the press conference.

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