TCDD creates an incredible application in the wagons

Section for TCDD couchette has scored an incredible applications in cars: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has implemented an application impossibly.
”Even if you have a partner, you cannot travel in the same wagon!“
Women and men were also forbidden to travel at the same time. The most interesting aspect of the issue of Haremlik - Selamlık in a travel vehicle is the fact that this application covers the passengers traveling with husband and wife together. In other words, if you have a travel plan with your partner, you should pay attention when choosing TCDD.
The incident occurred with 67 NA's traveling to Ankara Station to travel with his wife. When you want to buy a ticket, the ticket office appeared to say that Bilet men and women do not give tickets together in cuddly wagons Bilet.
Description of the Ankara Station Deputy Director Mehmet Duman is much more interesting:, Skis wagons 4 people, if you are on that car with your spouse, other men get into that car arı Ankara

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