India train crash, 8 wagon derailed 52 Wounded

Train accident in India, 8 wagons derailed 52 Injured: Mahakoshal Express 8 wagons derailed during the Jabalpur - Delhi expedition in India. 52 people were injured in the accident.

8 wagons derailed during the Mahakoshal Express expedition from Jabalpur to Delhi in India. 52 people were injured in the accident.

According to the information obtained, 8 wagons of Mahakoshal Express derailed and derailed. The accident happened around 2.00 local time. It is not yet known why the train derailed.

Indian Railways sözcüAnil Saxena said in a statement that it was derailed in the Mahoba region of Uttar Pradesh state.

According to Singh, kazanHe stated that the rails were broken at the place where the incident occurred and a comprehensive study will be carried out to reveal the cause of the incident.

Occurring kazanAn investigation has been launched to investigate the cause.

Approximately 20 million passengers per day transport security railways in India was expressed.

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