3 Will Reach Europe During the Day

Balıkesir Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu announced that the 109 kilometer area of ​​the highway will be used within this year.

Istanbul-Izmir highway transportation from 9 hours to 3,5 hours to reduce the highway project is approaching the end. Balıkesir Edremit road, Bursa road, while the work continues at full speed in the direction of Savaştepe road, Balikesir Metropolitan Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu, studies examined. Mayor Kafaoğlu, who received information from the contractors about the motorway, said, birisi One of the biggest 10 projects in the world is the İstanbul-İzmir Motorway project. The approximate value of the 6,9 billion dollar project. This has an expropriation value of TL 2.9 billion. If you put them on top of each other, 8 costs a billion dollars. Balıkesir is very lucky in this sense. Istanbul-Izmir Motorway passes through Balıkesir. The Çanakkale Bridge project, which will follow, will also merge with this highway. It's going to be a kilometer-long road. The 433 kilometer of this is within the borders of Balıkesir province. In particular, they will come from the direction of Istanbul and Bursa to be used in the direction of our tourism region Edremit Ayvalık will be opened by the end of the year between the 109 kilometer north and west junction. Drivers coming from Istanbul to the gulf line will enter this road from Yeniköy location without entering the inner city traffic and will enter the gulf road from Dallımandıra location. It will be a serious fuel and time saving. ”

President Kafaoğlu, Balikesir with the completion of a product produced in the day 3 will be sent to every side of Europe said. Kafaoğlu said, yol As you know, the road to Bursa was completed with Osmangazi Bridge. Even this was reflected positively on the economic life of Balıkesir. Many companies in Organized Industrial Zones in Istanbul made purchases from Balıkesir for production. Even if the owners of the company are sitting in Istanbul, 2 will be able to come to the factory located in Balikesir at 1 hour, and then 3 will go to Izmir at hour. The road means civilization. Especially when the Çanakkale Bridge project is completed, 2019 export products produced in Balıkesir will be delivered to the most remote points of Europe within the day. This road is a necklace worn around the neck of Balıkesir. We're already seeing the benefits of this. In 2018, the road will be fully operational, but in 29, our drivers will start using the XNUMX kilometers of the road. ”

During the investigations, President Kafaoğlu was accompanied by his advisor İsmail Uluhan and the contractor's officials. Edremit on the road and passing through the rural neighborhood of Naipli Edremit, the roads and overpasses on the route of the asphalt work was completed.

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