Bandırma Port Increases Targets

Bandırma Port Enlargeed Its Targets: Bandırma Port of Balıkesir has expanded its targets to become the gate of South Marmara and Central Anatolia to the world.

Çelebi Holding made the tender for TCDD Bandırma Port on 16 May 2008 with the highest bid of 175.500.000 million dollars. kazanhad been. A contract for the transfer of the operating right for 36 years was signed. Çelebi Holding plans to invest 5 million USD in TCDD Bandırma Port in the next 50 years. Bandırma Port is located on the south coast of the Marmara Sea, with its connections to Istanbul, the business and industrial center of Turkey, and the Southern Marmara and Aegean Regions, which are of great commercial importance. Providing bulk cargo, Ro-Ro and mixed cargo handling services, Bandırma Port is not only the port with the longest quay length in the region, but also one of the largest bulk cargo ports in Turkey. With the launch of Ro-Ro service in 2004, Bandırma Port has become an important gateway for the transportation of cargo trucks to domestic destinations in the Marmara Region.

Chalabi, Bandirma Port of owned rail and road links with large inner harbor storage areas thanks to the dynamo of Turkey's trade with South Marmara, Central Anatolia and Aegean regions will see the port that can provide the greatest benefit. Çelebi Holding plans to restructure the Bandırma Port in the coming 10 annually into a port where 10 million tons of dry bulk and mixed cargo, 300K TEU containers and 200K vehicles are handled.

In addition, the Port of Bandırma will be an alternative to the problem of increasing the export volume of the Bursa region with the ports of the region in terms of the port services needed in the country's increasing automotive exports. With the improvements to be made, the market share of Liman within the international cargo transport of 2009 at 2,7 is estimated to be approximately 2020 at 5,2. Thus, Bandırma Port will become one of the logistic centers of the region with this volume to be reached and will contribute significantly to the economic and social development of Bandırma and its surroundings in terms of creating new business areas.

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