Expert Sergeant Polat Özbek Introduced the Pedestrian Overpass

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Martyr Gendarmerie Commando Specialist Sergeant Polat Özbek who promoted the connection between Barış and Eskihisar neighborhoods, introduced the pedestrian overpass. Mayor of Gebze Mustafa Güler, Mayor of Gebze Adnan Koker, Mayor of Darıca Şükrü Karabacak, Martyr Polat Özbek's family, Hamza Özbek and mother Sakine Özbek with the participation of a large number of citizens, President Karaosmanoğlu said, Başkan Polat Özbek martyrs once again with mercy and gratitude. May my Lord take his place in heaven. If we live today as a nation with confidence in the territory of our country, we owe it to our martyrs Biz.

"Kocaeli is Turkey's transport THROAT"
between Gebze Eskihisar locations with the peace of the pedestrian overpass linking to respond to this great need in the region also expressed the President Karaosmanoğlu, Turkey's Kocaeli, transport bridges and especially that received large investments in a variety of point with transport lines of Gebze said. Stating that there will be a big breakthrough in the transportation with the metro between Gebze and OIZs, Karaosmanoğlu said, yap All the vehicles from Europe and Istanbul to the east go through our borders. The opposite of the same traffic is also operating through Kocaeli. We have two seas and ports. We are the monument of international export and import. Kocaeli is the most popular center for the logistics sector. The world's and Turkey's major brands produce their products on our borders to other cities of our country, to Europe, to Asia, to Africa is serving. In a sense, Istanbul is Turkey's transport throat "had expressed their supplies.

While taking the steps in line with the 2023 targets of Kocaeli, the upcoming 24 June Presidential elections also made a very significant jump, voicing Karaosmanoğlu, our country and our cities in all areas to continue to develop faster in this election is very important emphasis. 24 our President with the results of the June elections, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I hope to win with every opportunity in the mindset that you want to hit the shackles of Turkey's kneeling and feet, indicating a time to live more frustration lies here, "24 to continue to compete with the stability in the country and other countries will be released in June depends on the result. We know very well that it is a strong and stable management that we can only serve as local governments. Our ability to continue our investments in all areas depends on it. 16 has made investments in our city with our government by using all our facilities since the year, we continue to do it bütün.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu reminded that they have implemented many roads, alternative roads, intersections, underpasses, overpasses, tramways and many other investments for transportation in Kocaeli. Geç We made investments by working hand in hand with our government, municipalities, industrialists and working day and night. In order to relieve the urban traffic, we are working on continuous plans and making investments. In this period, which we declared as the Transportation Period, we made the life of our citizens easier with this overpass connecting the neighborhoods of Barış and Eskihisar. We think that we have responded to an important need. You know that we now make all our overpasses in accordance with our disabled people. We have two disabled elevators in this overpass. This service will be auspicious auspicious ”he completed his words.

After the speeches, the father of the Infantry Specialist Sergeant Polat Ali Özbek, who was martyred during the land search and screening activities carried out by the security forces in Hani district of Diyarbakır, through the pedestrian overpass between father Hamza Özbek and mother Sakine Özbek and Barış-Eskihisar Neighborhoods. crossing across the street, Karaosmanoğlu replied, "You did this service," in return for his thanks to the pedestrian crossing from the citizens living in the region. The ceremony ended after commemorative photos.



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