Father Support Program in Samulaş Completed

. Father Support Program esi training for SAMULAŞ personnel of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality was completed.

Sixteen people attended the Father Support Program training organized by the Mother and Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) at SAMULAŞ. Father Support training, which started in February, was held every Wednesday evening at the Samulaş training hall. Father support training for twelve weeks was given by AÇEV Volunteer Trainer Adem Ekim. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ Administrative Officers, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs, Begüm Özel, Mother Child Education Foundation Field Consultant Timur Toker and representatives of First Business Paternity Platform attended the event.

The Father Support Program includes the ways parents and their children develop their children's physical, social and emotional development. The main aim of the program is to ensure that fathers take responsibility in the care of their children and to establish a democratic relationship with their children and to support their development effectively.


SAMULAŞ employees who completed the training received the Father Support Program participation certificates from their children. In addition, for the fathers who received the certificates of participation, the children read the songs and poems together.


Yucel Bilge, who served as a resident in SAMULAS, gave a speech on behalf of all the participating fathers in the document ceremony. In his wise speech, X Father Support Program trainings lasted 12 week. In the first week of education, I came to the conclusion that it was a good education. I have a daughter of 4 years old and I have difficulties, like all my friends, to act as a father. Thanks to the information I gained in Father Support Program, I am having a more efficient and enjoyable time with my child. Baba

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Hakan Sinecek's wife, Nuray Sinecek, who worked as Tramway Supervisor at SAMULAŞ Traffic Control Center, spoke at the event. My wife joined the Father Support Program. The communication between my wife and my daughter was good, but as the weeks passed, the communication between the two strengthened. My wife is now having a more efficient and beautiful time at home with our daughter. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this training organized in Samulaş and I would like to congratulate them on their other fathers. Sam


In his speech, Timur Toker, Mother Child Education Foundation Field Advisor said, iletişim As AÇEV, our aim in the Father Support Program is to enable the fathers to spend more time with their children and to have a healthy communication, to be informed about their needs and to change their violent behavior. . With the program that allows fathers who have 3-6 and 7-11 children to study for twelve weeks, we have reached more than 60.000. We have completed this training in an institution such as SAMULAŞ. I would like to thank all the fathers who attended the training on behalf of AÇEV. Eğ


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ Operation Manager Sevilay Germi Telci said: Operasyon At the beginning of 2018, our institution was informed about the cooperation between Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs and Mother and Child Foundation. We provided information to our staff about the subject here. We received an application from our staff for Father Support Program training and our 16 friend participated in this training. As far as we can see, our friends and their partners are very satisfied with the results. I would like to thank Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department, Mother Child Education Foundation Samsun Field Officers and Volunteer Trainers who have contributed to this program in our institution and our SAMULAŞ Board of Directors, which enables our friends to receive education in the institution. Kurum

Fathers who completed the Father Support Program training received their attendance certificates from their children's hands.


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