GAP Valley Launch Ceremony Held

south east anatolian project gap
south east anatolian project gap

In a historic qualification in the very first project of Mayor Nihat Farmer gained during Sanliurfa, this time in the city center, meets with some of Turkey's biggest green field work. Thanks to the GAP Valley of 3 million 500 thousand square meters, Şanlıurfa will no longer be remembered for its steppes, but for its green housing.

A promotion program was organized for the GAP Valley Project, which consists of 6 stages and the first 2 stages were completed by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality. At the introductory meeting, which included all the details of the project, which stage will be in which regions and all the works included in the project were conveyed to the public. In the Republic of Social Facilities, GAP SUKAY, Children and Youth Game World, the cable car project, the Science Center and the semi-Olympic swimming pool facility with Halil-ur dating back to Rahman City Forest area of ​​3 million 500 thousand square meters of GAP Valley Project, in some city center Turkey It has the feature of being the first in the history of Şanlıurfa with the feature of being the largest green area project.

The meeting started with the presentations first prepared. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Park Construction and Project Branch Manager İbrahim Halil Ünlü shared the area and locations created by the stages with satellite images with the presentation he made. Then, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi made a speech by coming to the podium and said that their aim is to develop Şanlıurfa in every field.


Stating that they aim to create new public-oriented social life centers, so that all other historical and touristic areas, especially the Balıklıgöl plateau, are not used as a picnic area, President Nihat Çiftçi said that they act with a common mind with all institutions. Calling the public to settle this awareness, Mayor Çiftçi said, “Our people in Şanlıurfa deserve the best service in every sense. As the staff of the Metropolitan Municipality, who are aware of this, they are working to create new attractions for our people in the field of social life. Here is the best example of this is the GAP Valley. With our GAP Valley Project, consisting of 6 stages, we offer our people an environment in which they can come with their families, surrounded by greenery and nature. For the GAP Valley Project, in which the first and the second stages of the third stage have been completed, other stages continue in a fast and controlled manner. In our project, the GAP Valley will be a new life center for our people, with the Children's and Youth Play World for our children, swimming pools for men and women of all ages, all kinds of equipment and picnic areas for sports activities. ”


In his speech, adding that his own person was deemed appropriate for the Presidency of the Union of Historical Cities, of which 445 municipalities are members, Mayor Çiftçi said, “We protect our history, our culture, our music, and every value of our Şanlıurfa. Because we have an obligation to transfer these values ​​to future generations. Here, the municipalities of the Union of Historical Cities, who saw our efforts in this way, also found us eligible for the presidency. This duty is an indication that we are on the right track in protecting our values. ”


Addressing the participants in the hall after Mayor Çiftçi, the Governor of Şanlıurfa, Abdullah Erin, especially called on local investors. Underlining that the domestic investor should accompany foreign investors, Governor Erin said, “While foreign investors come to Şanlıurfa from all over the world, our domestic investors should also mobilize their assets from these lands in their own country before they are late. Many factory wheels have to turn in Şanlıurfa. For this, it is necessary to act before it is late. ”

In the program, the President of the Metropolitan Municipality's Department of Parks and Gardens gave a speech and made a speech.

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