Safety-Security Seminar Ended

Safety-Safety Seminar Ended: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the International Railway Union (UIC) in collaboration with organized in Ankara "Safety-Safety Seminar" TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman and UIC Chairman ended with Jean Pierre Loubinoux's speech .

The moderators evaluated the two-day seminar before the speech. İbrahim Çevik, Head of Foreign Relations Department of TCDD, one of the moderators; By 2023, thousands of kilometers of high-speed, high-speed and traditional railway network will be built, and the total railway network will reach 25 thousand km. kazanHe stated that for this reason, a safety management systems department compatible with the European Union and the world was established within the Organization, and the security units were restructured. Çevik said that security and safety are interconnected, that security is an external threat and security is an internal situation; With the development of high-speed railway management, which expresses high safety, high security, high comfort, in Turkey and the Middle East region, they strive to develop both issues, two issues become more important. kazanhe said he did.

Other moderators as well; we believe that safety and security should be considered as a living system, therefore it is necessary to constantly renew and improve it, and that it is essential that it should be considered on a global scale; he expressed support.

Turkey's Marmaray, Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railroad crossing with 3. Bosphorus Bridge etc. the railroad industry, freight transportation, logistics services in the international railway corridor in terms of being active, technology is very important for a sustainable vision, and the railway system is widespread and developed, indicating that the quality of the experts, corridors alone can not be enough, should be supported with other networks, he said.

Safety and security have many elements in itself, including experts; the most important of them is the training of staff and the dissemination of information, he said.

In his closing speech, General Director of TCDD Süleyman Karaman; Two very important issue for Turkey and countries in the region, said they have organized seminars on safety and security issues said: "The most important feature of the train is not safe. Safety and security issues are very important. Not only in Turkey, we want the development of these issues in the Middle East railways. We thank UIC for its support. "

Karaman; emphasizing that it is also important to make this seminar at a time when the big railway investments were signed; “We successfully operate in Marmaray. Our responsibilities are increasing. Our high-speed rail lines are expanding. Therefore, the importance and weight of safety and security is increasing. We have received international awards in Izban. One of the most important factors in this award is that we attach importance to safety and security. There are some points on the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway line. Safety and security will be a priority on this line. Aya We continue to make investments and managements in this consciousness. Emniyet

UIC President JP Loubinoux; Saying that due to the great pleasure to come back to Turkey; "Turkey is developing the economy, infrastructure, given the importance of the railway investment. Marmaray is a very important project hat Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway line will soon be in service. As UIC, we are very pleased with these investments. “He said.

Or The 7 billion world population wants to move safely and safely. The 7 million railway community contributes to this. As UIC, we collaborated with 200 on the project. UIC is a platform where information is shared. It is innovative. It is also a supra-political world of peace. L Loubinoux speaking; thanked all seminar participants and TCDD.

After the speeches, a plaque was given to those who contributed to the seminar.

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