Child of Railway Retired Martyr in the treacherous attack in Hatay

Infantry Commando Expert Sergeant Bekir Evren, son of Hasan Hüseyin Evren, who retired from TCDD Fevzipaşa Wagon Service Chief, was martyred as a result of a mortar attack at the Erol Çavuş Border Police Station in Hassa District of Hatay.

Within the scope of Operation Olive Branch, the news of the Infantry Commando Expert Sergeant Bekir Evren (24), who was martyred in the operation carried out against the elements of the terrorist organization, received bitter news in Osmaniye.

Martyr Evren's Dr. Military officials, who went to his home in İhsan Göknal District, gave the painful news to the retired father Hasan Hüseyin and mother Emine Evren with the medical officers. While the relatives and relatives of the family who received the painful news came to the house to make a condolence, the Turkish flag was hung on the paternal house and the street.

It was learned that Martyr Evren was married for 1 year and served as a special sergeant for 2,5 years.

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