Kocaoglu Answered Critics for İZBAN Tariff

Evaluating the growth achieved by İzmir in the recent period, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We did the right projects. We have strengthened our economy. Make our works began to be seen by both Turkey and the world. "We shaken off the dust, from now on, Izmir will develop even faster."

Referring to the new system in İZBAN, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “One ticket will be paid on the 25 km line. But it is not true for TCDD or the Municipality to say, 'You should go for the same price in 136 kilometers'. I want the people of Izmir to know that this new tariff is more fair, correct and equitable. It continues in the main metropolis for 90 minutes.

Addressing the citizens of Izmir from Bornova Municipality's social media communication platform Bornova TV, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu expressed his thoughts on the Olive Branch Operation carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces. Turkey's independence and territorial integrity is owed to the martyrs and veterans representing President Aziz Kocaoglu, Afrin Operation, has become an inevitable and the indivisible integrity of the country, he said that it is imperative for intervention. Today, under the control of the dominant power in the region, a state that will serve to achieve the objectives of the imperialists are trying to establish emphasized that the President Kocaoglu, Turkey's "to divide" the integrity of the territory of the neighboring voiced that had to be defended.

We did the right projects
Referring to the economic growth that Izmir has achieved in recent years, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality stated that it should be regarded as usual for cities to experience ups and downs throughout their history:
“Izmir is a city that has been successful from time to time and has entered a period of stagnation from time to time. But a city that will stand up when the dust is shaken off. We tried to mobilize the assets of this city, to motivate the opinion leaders of the city, to create synergy to bring its resources to light and to complete the infrastructure deficiencies. Of course it was not noticed at first. It was said 'the boy with his hands and face', 'Izmir is a big village', 'his faith is weak'. But we were not daunted, we worked, we achieved unity. We made the right projects, we determine the correct order of priority and the work we do and Turkey have both started to be seen by the world. Izmir is a city that has reached a very important point with its growth trend, is given clean water for 24 hours, is a pioneer in environmental investments, and has increased its rail system network from 11 km to 180 km. We have shaken off the dust, from now on, Izmir will grow even faster. Urban transformation is developing as an example, and our agriculture support projects are taken as an example. We strengthened our economic structure and found our credit opportunities. From now on, İzmir will grow even faster. "

Leverage city
In the program, Prof. Dr. The report prepared by Oğuz Esen and examining the Metropolitan Municipality in terms of "Local Development and Financial Management Strategy" was also brought to the agenda. Mayor Kocaoğlu, on the question of the Metropolitan Municipality's investment in İzmir “more than the government”, said, “İzmir is a city that always contributes more than it gets in the central budget. This is also a normal situation. As long as there is a fair share between the share allocated from the central budget to developed cities like ours and ours. Anyway, when the central government gives some support and allocates some resources, Izmir will return many times more than that. Izmir pay the tax morality, the country is one of Turkey's most important cities for his commitment to his homeland. Every investment to be made in İzmir ensures the development of the country. İzmir will also be a leverage in the development of the country ”.

Signature .. Only signature ..
Emphasizing that Izmir can be supported by the central government not only by allocating financial resources but also by decisions to be taken, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality said:
“If İnciraltı was planned with a health tourism concept, it would add a different color to İzmir. We wanted the Sümerbank land. To make a congress center .. We are rapidly expanding the fair business in Izmir. We also need to increase congressionalism. These are equivalent sectors. We revive the historical district. The supports to be given to Kemeraltı, Agora and Kadifekale are very important. If the central government contributes to certain points and opens our way ... For example, we build the subway on our own; If the central government guarantees the Treasury, the cost of the loan is 2 percent, if it does not guarantee it is around 5-5,5 percent. When the treasury is a guarantor, we can build Buca and Narlıdere subway with much lower interest and faster. Today, due to the situation in our country, we have to take it slow to avoid using loans at exorbitant prices, as loan rates abroad are very expensive. But I am not saying we gave up. If the central government gave us a Treasury guarantee, we now have a serious borrowing capacity and solvency. We are in a position to find cheaper loans and make these investments. "

Minibus integration
The transportation system in Turkey will bring a new breath of a new model in preparation for President Aziz Kocaoglu said that they are in, "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of public transport, to provide access in 11 metropolitan districts. It will open to the outside with the rail system. In other districts, cooperatives and unions that carry out transportation will be in operation. A system will be established in which they will work under our umbrella and criteria. They will work without disturbing their work, but a discipline and order will come ”.

How will integration be?
The first application announced by Mayor Kocaoğlu and planned to be realized in Seferihisar.
The new transportation system is a project to integrate minibuses into the urban public transportation ..
The aim is to integrate minibuses into the card boarding system and to achieve full integration in public transportation. When the system is implemented, ESHOT buses will be pulled from the lines where the minibuses operate. Minibuses will also serve within the framework of the standards and rules of the Metropolitan Municipality.

New tariff at IZBAN is more fair
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who also answered a question about the tariff change in İZBAN, which will be valid as of February 15, said that the suburban system was between Aliağa and Menderes before reaching Selçuk and reached 136 kilometers today, the line traveled with a single ticket to Bergama and even Kınık ' He pointed out that if it is extended to 188 kilometers, it will find.

Mayor Kocaoglu, said:
“Most of our passengers are already traveling between Şirinyer Station and Çiğli Station. You can go between these stations with a single ticket. Saying 'you can go for 136 kilometers with the same price' is not correct for neither TCDD nor Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Our 90 minutes practice continues in the main metropolis. Everyone will see how cheap transportation is in İzmir when compared to İstanbul and Ankara transportation systems. It is the nature of the business to receive a small amount of money when traveling over 25 kilometers in the rail system. We made İZBAN together with TCDD. I want the people of İzmir to know that this new İZBAN tariff is more just, fair and equitable, and that it distributes the service more fairly. "

How does the new system work?
136-km line length of Turkey's largest urban commuter system, which izban will start from February 15 day new system, travels up to 25 kilometers still to full boarding 2,86 per paying done, then the only basis for payment of the distance traveled and the fare to based on.

In the new application called “Artı Para”, “the farthest station's transportation fee” must be loaded on the İzmirim Kart for boarding İZBAN. In the second step, the farthest station to which the passenger can go while passing through the turnstile is blocked in the transport card. At the end of the trip, the "fee for the distance not traveled" is returned to the re-read card.

If the trip is more than 25 kilometers, 7 penny per mile, 5 penny per student, 60 penny per student and 4 age tickets will be charged. 90 minutes application in the new system is in progress.

We follow the tube passage project for the circulation channel
With the project carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, he responded to the question of whether or not it would be possible to swim from the Gulf of Izmir as it was before. Within the scope of the joint project with TCDD, Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will open the 13.5 kilometer length, 250 meter wide and 8 meter circulation channel in order to ensure the water circulation in the Gulf, and TCDD will make a port approach channel. Now we are going for the project tender. We will obtain the projects of natural life islands by which method we will dig the circulation channel. We will also get the material, equipment for scanning. Our project will be shaped by eliminating the damage to the circulation channel of the tube passage to the Gulf. So we're going to get our work a little slow. Our work is not to be wasted. We have to follow this project together with the tube passage. Even if you take a handful of material from the Gulf of Izmir today and take it away, it will even benefit. We look at the subject, we will continue our work. In order to open the circulation channel, we will be auctioned when the obstacle to the tube passage is removed. S

What did he say about the cement plants?
Responding to a question about the transportation of cement plants in Bornova, Chairman Kocaoğlu stated that the authority in this regard is currently in İzmir Governor's Office and said, ın After a while, the cement plants will be removed. I need to get up, but I'm not in favor of getting up for Izmir economy right now. Because the cement, brick and stone chips, products rather than the transportation of money. Removing cement plants from Izmir will lead to an increase in construction costs. The best thing is to leave wild production using science and technology, and to increase the survival of these facilities by sacrificing profit. We have implemented this system in the quarries of Belkahve. We were crossing; regulation changed. We gave the authority to Izmir Governor's Office Biz.

I respect Valentine's Day but…
At the end of the program it 14 February Valentine's Day it in a message about the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu, the events organized for this special day on the news of martyrs from Afrin, emphasizing that they cancel, X We are comfortable with them. I 'Valention Day, I care about, I respect, but today, the situation of the country and Mehmet, perceiving, feeling, putting ourselves in its place to celebrate, the conditions of the day, a' Valentine's Day 'would be more appropriate, "he said.

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