Landscape Works Start on Istiklal Street

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal promised that the construction work is completed on the Istiklal Street environmental arrangements are being made. The historic street will have a greener appearance with the pots to be placed.

Inspired by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Park Gardens Department, inspired by the unique and historical texture of Istiklal Street, 1350 pieces of 24 potted trees will be placed on the historic street of XNUMX meters.

In this context, the place where Istiklal Street is connected to Taksim Square will be placed 8 pieces of potted trees. Four different types of trees will be placed in flower pots, while greening the historic street, will contribute to the aesthetics of Beyoğlu with its modern and original designs.

Trees at Istiklal Street in 1 MARCH

Taksim Square, Aga Mosque Front, Galatasaray Square, Odakule and Tunnel Square within the scope of the work, 20 meters will be placed in the pots. Tree species, ilex and bay were always chosen as green species.

1 4 was designed to accommodate the visitors of Istiklal Street.


İBB Park Gardens Department, while determining the location of the pots to be placed along Istiklal Street, the views of tradesmen were taken. The pots will not cover the front of the shop, the craftsmen will not cause the victimization.

The design of the pots designed as wooden places of residence was inspired by the texture of Istiklal Street and the historical buildings on the street. İBB Park Gardens Department will also place fruit tree pots according to the seasons in Istiklal Street.

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