BTSO turns face to South America

Bursa is Turkey's gateway to the world, it continues to search for alternative markets and new leadership in the BCCI in full swing. After his meetings in Turkey to 11 thousand kilometers from Sao Paulo in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires last Bursa business representatives, he saw intense interest from Latin American companies.

Showing that produce goods and services to export to the success of a business next to markets around the world Bursa, Turkey's exports in line with the development objectives based on more committed to achieve an active position in South America. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) led by a delegation of nearly 80 in Sao Paulo city of Brazil, bilateral business meetings and institution visits BTSO members, after the contacts here, Argentina has turned the route. The members of the BTSO, who visited the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services for the first time in Buenos Aires, were hosted by the Chamber's Export and Import Commission President Ignacio dos Reis and corporate managers. BTSO Board Member Sukru Cekmusoglu and Committee Member Yusuf Ertan also attended the meeting during a visit Ignacio dos Reis, the new policies to increase trade in Argentina has been developed, stating that they are preparing for a new foreign trade trade. Emphasizing that Bursa's economy has a strong potential, Reis reiterated their desire to sign new collaborations between the two countries in cooperation with BTSO.


BCCI Board Member Sukru Çekmişoğl of Bursa that perform 2017 14 billion dollars in exports, after the Istanbul city of Turkey said it was the second largest exporter. Çekmişoğlu stated that they want to increase the foreign trade potential of the members and 2023 billion dollars export in 75. Inda In this context, we realized our first comprehensive organization in Argentina. As Bursa business world, we want to play an active role in the South American market. In 2017, our exports from Bursa to Argentina were $ 28,5 million, while our imports amounted to 15 million dollars. We want to move these numbers to a much higher level with new and strong trade links. Biz

The second day of the BTSO delegation was held in Argentina. Argentinean companies showed great interest in negotiations with companies operating mainly in rail systems, machinery, space, aerospace and defense.


Mariano Moster, the group's merchant at the BK Group, said that there are companies carrying out customs operations. organized bilateral meetings made by BCCI to establish new commercial relationships with companies from Turkey who stated that they saw as an important opportunity Mostar, "the Argentinean government, many obstacle to trade with the decisions taken by gradually eliminating. The negotiations here will also offer significant opportunities for the trade of the two countries. We know that automotive, spare parts and machinery sector are strong in Bursa. Argentina needs such companies. I think the distance between Argentina and Bursa is decreasing Arjantin.

In Argentina, the secretary of the Aeronautical Chamber, Roberto Luis Hodes Gerente, said that they are doing bilateral business meetings for both their own companies and the companies operating in the aviation sector. Stating that they have an opportunity to work efficiently with Bursa companies, Gerente said, “Our meetings will increase the commercial proximity of Bursa companies with our members. Many thanks to BTSO for this organization. I will visit Bursa on my next trip to Europe. Bir


Metin Ertufan, Regional Sales Representative at Nukon America, said that being a machinery manufacturer in Bursa is proud of being in such distant markets. Ertufan, mel In terms of expanding the market, we had important meetings in both Brazil and Argentina. In these markets, we will continue to represent the business world of Bursa in the best way Bu.

Beka Mak Marketing Manager Mesut Akyapak, said they operate on metal cutting operations. Bir We made serious connections, especially in Argentina, pazar Akyapak said. We hope to turn this into an order in a short time. The South American market is on its way to revival. It's very important to catch this on time. I would like to thank BTSO for doing this organization '.

B Plas Finance Director Eşref Akın stated that BTSO's organization for Brazil and Argentina is a horizon for companies. Akın stated that they made useful negotiations about the production of aircraft both in Brazil and Argentina. The important thing is to turn these opportunities into business. Thank you to our room for offering these facilities to us Bize.


The activities of BTSO within the scope of Ur-Ge projects are supported by the Ministry of Economy. BTSO's machinery, rail, space, aerospace and defense companies were involved in business trips to Brazil and Argentina. KOSGEB also provides significant support to international business trips organized within the scope of Oda's Global Fair Agency Project. KOSGEB offers 3 thousand TL for nearby countries and 5 thousand for distant countries for the transportation, accommodation and guidance fees of the companies participating in the organization. BTSO also gives support to every member who makes an application up to 1.000 TL twice a year. BTSO members, is In order to get detailed information about the fairs, you can apply for organizations related to their sectors.

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