Yusuf Sünbül: Urban Traffic and Light Rail Systems

The traffic problem of the cities is discussed on various platforms, solution proposals, the pros and cons of the projects are revealed, the costs are calculated, and the brocratic activities are implemented or the projects are cancelled. While local governments determine the costs in this regard; They have to prioritize the living standards of the people of the city. If the huge investments made in many projects bring along other problems and lead people to live in difficult conditions, the value of the services rendered does not make much sense. kazanit can ferment.

It is necessary for metropolitan municipalities to expand the horizon of service areas and to provide new and high quality services. In many cities, while addressing the issues in provincial and municipal councils, the broader solution proposals and the planned projects should be oriented towards the future, and if they will bring problems that are difficult to come up with in the future, there is no point in wasting the billion dollar investments.

One of the priorities of public transport, Rayli Sites should include modern systems that will make sense of the means of transportation that will discourage people from their individual transportation habits. When planning city plans, rail transportation routes should be studied very well, and it should not be impossible to make the unforgivable areas of road traffic impossible, because it is known that in many cities Tram lines have paralyzed the city traffic and narrowed them in such a way that they do not meet the increasing number of vehicles. Routes should be easy to access to places where public needs can be met, transfer points and connection points must be determined carefully. When people are experiencing current parking problems, parking spaces should not be searched, and public transport should be mandatory instead of driving in city traffic when necessary.

If the services provided are planned and of high quality, the people will make the best choice anyway. kazanService should be given not to serve, but to add value to the service, the people should not be victimized because of some political polemics.

I hope local governments; listens to the words of those who deserve services. At the EURASIA RAIL Rail Systems Fair, which will be held at the beginning of March, solutions in this direction will be produced and the activities of the private sector will be important with the cooperation of the public sector. kazanwill work.


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