Access to Rural Settlement Areas in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality facilitated the transportation of the citizens to the city with the bus services to the villages connected to the central and provincial districts. 3,5 for the 116 TL, the metropolitan area providing transportation services, won the appreciation of the citizens.

With the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 6360, the service network has been revised up to the provincial borders and the Metropolitan has reviewed its service approach. In this direction, Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department of Bus Operations, 27 or even 28 bus to the center and the districts connected to the citizens of the city, began to move to the city center. Buses departing from the Station Square in the morning 05.30, 1 30 21.30 in minutes to organize flights to rural areas by arranging flights.


Citizens reminded that they can come to the city from the village once a week with private buses in the past years. Citizens who are satisfied with the transportation services of the municipality, the Mayor Fatma Sahin thanked the Mayor.

Citizens who came to the city by bus with the Metropolitan Municipality said they used to come to the city center every day.


3,5 pounds as a symbolic fee from the village to the city center that they came, said: If our patient is disturbing the neighbors who have a special car or car, we would take our patient to the doctor, now we have the treatment of our patients as soon as possible. In addition, we can easily go to our relatives, friends and close relatives living in the city center. To date, our biggest problem has been reached, the municipality has found a solution to this problem, God does not give pleasure to our state. May Allah bless the municipal authorities who allocate the buses to us. We have no problems, whether winter or summer months, we can always come to the center of Gaziantep. May Allah bless Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. Büyük

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