What Did Kemalpaşa's Industrialists Say About Transportation?

Industrialists in Kemalpaz expressed their wishes for discount in the price descriptions in order to reduce the costs of transport to railroads by lower costs. The current truck indicates the importance of transportation in terms of both traffic and cost.

Kemalpaşalı Industrialists, to make more use of rail transport to reduce the cost of price tariffs to be asked to edit. Industrialists who stated that they could not use the railway with the current regulation stated that with the time and cost advantage of railway transportation, the density of TIR in the city would decrease.

Expressing support for an increase in exports of freight is very important KOSBİ Chairman Kamil Badger, "We aim to increase our exports to Turkey's development. The only way to close the current account deficit of our country and strengthen our economy is to attract more exports.

In order for this to happen, the bureaucratic obstacles must be eliminated. The regulations to be made about the freight will both relax the producer and increase the exports and increase the economy of the country. Nav
Railway provides value added

Stating that Kemalpaşa is one of the most advantageous regions of İzmir in terms of logistics, Porsuk said, ğ Our region has a great logistic advantage with its proximity to both İzmir Port and İzmir-İstanbul Motorway.

There is also a railway connection to our region, but our industrialists have a rightful complaint about the tariffs. As soon as this problem is solved, it begins to add value to our railroad. Our request is to eliminate the bureaucratic obstacles that make the use of the railway difficult by eliminating the necessary arrangements. İst
Old tariff, high cost

Ege Seramik General Manager Göksen Yedigüller stated that railway transportation should be a more suitable alternative than the highway.
40 of our production is allocated for export

However, although there is a railway to the port, we realize a very small part of this export via rail. We cannot use the railway advantage because the tariffs are not made consciously. Due to the tariffs made in the past, the tariff for the 3,5 mileage is doubled.

Since we cannot use the advantage of the railway, the TIRs have to go out to traffic. This brings along many problems such as cost, traffic, environmental pollution and current account deficit. With the regulation of tariffs, both industrialists and Turkey kazanir,” he said.

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