OMÜ Tram Line Work Made Vessels Uneasy

Samsun Kurupelit-Faculty Minibusists Association President Bircan stated that they are anxious about the work towards bringing the rail system to the university and said, “We have been victimized for 7 years, nobody has heard our voices”.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality's rail system to Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) has disturbed the Samsun Kurupelit-Faculty Minibuses. Association President Bircan stated that they could not find solutions to their problems and said that they have been victimized for 7 years.

The Rail System, which was implemented by Gar-OMÜ on 10 October 2010 in Samsun by the Metropolitan Municipality, started operating on the 17 km line with the opening of the line between Tekkeköy and OMÜ on 2016 October 31. In this process, the Metropolitan Municipality carried the restrictions on the routes of minibus lines, which carried passengers parallel to the rail system, and prohibited the lines carrying passengers between OMU and Gar to cross the Port intersection and directed them to Fuar Caddesi. Now, the Metropolitan Municipality started the construction of the Rail System to be brought to OMÜ. The work made the line owners uneasy.

Samsun Kurupelit-Faculty Minibuscular Association President Mustafa Bircan said, “We have been victimized for 7 years. We want our voices to be heard.

If the light rail takes place until OMU, a lot of people will be unemployed. Thousands of people are living in Samsun with this profession. Apart from this, the industry, where we perform regular maintenance of the vehicles, will also get a negative impact from this practice. Not only us, but also the industry will be affected. ”

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