Hit the train while taking selfie

The train hit while taking a selfie: The train hit while a man posed for a selfie on the railway. According to the report provided by the local CBS in Seattle, an unidentified man stopped to take a photo with a woman near the town of Kalama in Washington state while traveling between Tacoma and Portland.

The man who wanted to do a selfie on the rail didn't realize that the train was coming and he died with the train being hit. She posed for the woman at the same time but was not affected because she was more distant to the scene.

According to the BNSF Railway, more than 2013 people died on the runways between 2014 and 30 as a result of a train crash. Also, when taking a selfie here, a train accident does not happen for the first time. During the period of November 2014, Sylwia Rajchel, 23, from Seville died in a train crash while trying to take a selfie.



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