IBB Stopped by the Metro Lines for a Warning!

metro projects stopped in istanbul affected by the earthquake
metro projects stopped in istanbul affected by the earthquake

📩 09/04/2023 18:27

TMMOB Chamber of Mining Engineers, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has canceled the tender for the 6 metro line "collapse" warned. Mining engineers pointed out that construction started on some lines. Deformations on the surface can cause structural damage to buildings. ”

Kaynarca Pendik Tuzla, Çekmeköy Sancaktepe Sultanbeyli, Ümraniye Ataşehir Göztepe, Kirazlı whose tender was canceled by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Halkalı, Başakşehir Kayaşehir, Mahmutbey Bahçeşehir lines stopping at the point where the construction of the metro creates a serious security risk.

TMMOB Chamber of Mining Engineers Explanation on the subject as follows:

Total project cost awarded by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with a total length of 77 km 12.859.636.111 TL one 6 meters The projects of the tender were stopped by the IMM after the excavation work started. After the news that the subway projects in the press were canceled, IMM made a statement; It is stated that in 2017, "tenders", not "subway projects" consisting of 6 lines, were canceled.

For Megakent, the projects planned to take the burden of traffic and people in the regions where traffic is dense, have been approved by the state planning organization, the approval of borrowing for projects has been released from the municipality, tenders have been made, some projects have been paid in advance and some projects have been completed. The cancellation of tenders is thought provoking.

Metro-tunnel projects are calculated after the necessary engineering measurement, survey and planning procedures are made, and then the project costs are tendered over the resulting project costs. The justification for cancellation is a clear proof that these processes are not operating properly. Is the “economic” factor, which is the reason for the cancellation of the existing projects, not valid for the subway tenders that were held and completed before? Who is responsible for the damage suffered by the public? Who will get the withdrawal fees stated in the specifications of the canceled auctions?

Attention should be paid to the tunnel and environmental safety in the stopped metro tunnels!

The canceled 6 metro project is the underground excavation and construction works. Excavations have started in some of the projects. The underground works are carried out in the city and under the areas where the building is dense. The most important element in urban tunneling is that the structures on the surface are not affected by underground excavations and construction work. For this reason, surface effect maps are made by making a serious monitoring and reading on the surface.

In underground works;

1-A gap that opens under the ground is to destroy the static balance on the surface, that is, the balance of nature.

2-Nature will try to restore this deteriorating balance.

3-Fortification (artificial reinforcement) is made through the tunnel to create a force against this behavior of nature.

4-Due to this fortification, the stresses and loads on the tunnel are distributed homogeneously and the tunnel remains within the acceptable deformations.

5-If this support / support is not possible, deformations and surface deformations occur in the tunnel.

6-This fortification made in the tunnels is temporary fortification. After this process is completed, the tunneling of the tunnels is completed and the tunnel is made into the carrier.

Due to the reasons mentioned above briefly; The following measures and necessary precautions should be taken for the safety of tunnels (vertical, horizontal and sloping underground openings), tunnel and environment safety.

1-Since the projects will not be known yet, it is necessary to complete the concreting of the tunnels / areas opened by underground excavations.

In the tunnels provided with 2-shaft (steep well), the shaft tops should be closed.

3-Tunnel concrete pavement is not done and if the tunnels are left as they are, the vertical and lateral movements within the tunnel cannot be measured during the waiting period, therefore no necessary measures can be taken in the tunnel, which will cause both deformations in the tunnel and the structures on the surface to be affected.

4-Deformations on the surface can cause structural damage to structures / buildings. For this reason, the deformations in the tunnels should be monitored regularly during the waiting period.

5-Deformations in tunnels cause additional fortifications during the resumption of work and this increases the costs.

In the 6-Water income tunnels the water must be cut off. Taking the water into the tunnel can cause deformations on the surface.

7 - Failure to control groundwater can damage the water-sewerage-energy-transmission-natural gas lines in the substructure around the tunnel.

8-Environmental protection should be ensured because the construction sites that are stopped, closed and are located in living areas.

Apart from these, traffic regulations were made in many parts of the city according to metro projects. In the regions where the project was started, close to the construction site was started and the traffic flow of the region was arranged according to these sites. Stopping the projects, the extension of the work; at the same time, the people of Istanbul means the prolongation of traffic.

The cancellation of the contracts and the cessation of the projects also means unemployment for the people working in the Metro construction sites. Hundreds of workers and colleagues were dismissed after the tender was stopped. The denunciations and compensations of the employees who have been dismissed should be paid.

In this direction;

What is the main reason for these cancellation decisions given without considering the public interest with engineering science and technique?

Who are responsible for the public damage caused by the cancellation of the tenders made and started?

If you look at it, this job is unplanned!

For all these reasons, the above mentioned security measures should be taken in relation to the discontinued projects and these projects should be completed as soon as possible by taking into consideration the public interest.

* Information on the 6 metro project whose tender has been canceled by IMM

Project name

Length of the Project

Price of the Project (TL)

Mileage Price (TL)

Time of work

Çekmeköy Sancaktepe Sultanbeyli Subway and Sarıgazi (Hospital) Taşdelen Yenidoğan Subway Construction and Electromechanical Systems Supply, Installation and Commissioning Works

17,80 km



1020 days

Kirazli - Halkalı Metro Construction And Electromechanical Works, Underground Transfer Center (Parking) And Warehouse Area Construction Work

9,70 km



1020 days

Umraniye Ataşehir Göztepe Metro Construction and Electromechanical Systems Supply, Installation and Commissioning Works

13,00 km



1020 days

Kaynarca Pendik Tuzla Metro Construction and Electromechanical Systems Supply, Installation and Commissioning Works

12,00 km



1020 days

Başakşehir Kayaşehir Metro Line Construction and Electromechanical Works

6,00 km



 900 days

Mahmutbey Bahçeşehir Esenyurt Metro Line Construction and Electromechanical Works

18,50 km



1080 days

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