Coasts in Istanbul are Watched with Cameras

shoreline in istanbul
shoreline in istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality watches all the coasts of Istanbul from Karaburun to Kilyos with cameras. The contamination detected is cleaned immediately. 7/24 inspection and cleaning is also carried out on the sea surface outside the coasts. In 2019, 27 million TL penalty was imposed on 8,5 ships.

Aiming to be a pioneer in urban cleaning, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality carries out important works on the cleaning of our seas. İBB Marine Services teams follow the 515 km long shores of Istanbul for 24 hours with cameras in the monitoring center in Yenikapı.

All the Shores of Istanbul are Watched with 83 Cameras

With the high-resolution 83 camera, the images of the coasts followed by the anonymous are transmitted to the monitoring center. The images evaluated by the operators are intervened instantly when pollution or violation is detected.

Providing information about the cameras in the maritime monitoring center, IMM Directorate of Marine Services Fatih Polattimur Chief of Inspection, the images detected on the coastal cameras, teams in the field immediately reported, he said. Polattimur stated that the cameras are wide angle and high zoom.
“Thanks to the features of the cameras, we can see a very large area. On the European Side, Karaburun, Kilyos, Bosphorus line, Yenikapı, Avcılar, Büyükçekmece; With our cameras located in certain areas from Tuzla to Beykoz on the Anatolian side, we can follow whether you are any blind spot on the coast. Our 3 operators follow the cameras in shifts. As soon as a pollution is detected, it is reported to our teams. Our teams can research on the source of the pollution. It can apply administrative procedures. Our cleaning teams clean up any solid waste pollution instantly. ”

Fines for Violations

The coastal and marine inspections also include the 3 inspection boat and the 4 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Inspections are carried out day and night with 50 personnel, many of whom are environmental engineers. Through inspections, violations that cause pollution on the surface of the sea are identified and fined. IMM teams, 2019 year 27 pieces found to leave the sea waste 8 Million 500 thousand thousand in total sent a fine. Within the framework of sea cleaning works, 10 domestic design sea surface cleaning vessel and 31 mobile team are employed by 186 personnel. Each boat is cleaning its area of ​​responsibility during the day.
Garbage Collects to Fill the 4 Football Field in a Year

In addition, the boats are directed according to the notifications from the inspections and intervene immediately to the pollution. In areas where boats cannot intervene, mobile crews step in and provide cleaning in the seas. Garbage is collected from the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara only 5 million m3 per year, that is to cover the surface of 4 football fields.

IMM marine cleaning teams also carry out beach cleaning activities with 96 additional beach cleaning personnel at 256 beach between May and September.


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