Public Transport Drivers Raising Awareness in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Public Transport Department, Education Unit, the public transportation, taxi and service drivers in Kocaeli are given trainings. In this context, firefighting and first aid trainings are presented as theoretical and practical. With the basic trainings given to public transportation, service and taxi drivers, 2018 also makes public transport drivers aware of all kinds of adversities.


The primary purpose of the first aid training carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department is to ensure that the vital functions of the wounded are sustained. In addition, until the help of the wounded to sustain vital functions and how to prevent the worsening of the injured is described as practical. Drivers, training, heart massage, artificial respiration, fracture intervention, open wounds, such as learning many topics.


The drivers participating in the trainings listen to the instructors by carefully listening to what is being told. Following the transfer of theoretical knowledge, participants are practiced to reinforce the subjects. In the trainings where participation is high, drivers attend these trainings every year or every two years to keep their knowledge fresh. Drivers who want to continue training now say that they are more aware of what they do when they face injuries, injuries and other risks in the vehicle or in their daily lives.

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