250 Increase in Freight Carriage Revenues by Rail

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan answered the questions of the deputies at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Arslan stated that in 2017, 28,5 million tons of cargo were transported, and it was 15 percent higher than 79 years ago, and a 250 percent increase in transport revenues.

Reminding that the Railways Liberalization Law was structured as the infrastructure operator of TCDD and TCDD Transportation was the train operator, Arslan stated that this law allowed the private sector to increase its share in the railway sector by carrying out transportation with state companies on the national railway network. Arslan, 5 train operators in the sector have been licensed, and still operating 12 thousand 608 kilometers of railway network.

Arslan, 10 thousand 515 kilometers of the railway line has been renewed as a result of being renewed, said:

“Rehabilitation and road renewal works of 880 kilometers are also ongoing. Within the scope of the works carried out on the railway lines, the 4, 660-kilometer line was electrified, and the 5, 534-kilometer line was signaled. In addition, efforts to make the 637 kilometer line electrified and the 2 thousand 323 km line signaling are also ongoing. In the efforts to make our railways double-track, the 595-kilometer conventional railway line has been made double-tracked. With the completion of projects such as logistics centers and junction lines under construction, it is aimed to increase the share of railways in freight transportation. On the other hand, since 2004, block train management has started in rail freight transportation. Thus, by carrying 2017 million tons of cargo in 28,5, an increase of 15 percent in freight transport and 79 percent in freight transport revenues was achieved compared to 250 years ago. ”



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