ENG Aviation buys Burulaş's seaplanes

Antalya-based company ENG Aviation purchased the sea planes of Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management (BURULAŞ).

ENG Aviation, which started aviation activities in Alanya district of Antalya in 2010, has started its attempts to use in Gazipaşa-KKTC, KKTC-Adana and Adana-Gazipaşa lines.

The company has agreed on the purchase of BURULAŞ airplanes for passenger transportation, which it plans to do with 19-seat amphibious aircraft. Tulgay Özden, the General Manager of the company, which has agreed with BURULAŞ for two planes, announced that the flights will be carried out on land and there will be no amphibious flights. In the statement that the technical competence studies have started, it was stated that after a 3-year R&D study, it was decided to fly with amphibious aircraft in the Mediterranean region.

ENG Aviation, announced a more detailed description of the subject in the coming days.

Source : I www.airporthaber.co

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  1. Advice to ENG aviation, using the old THK airport in the west of Ankara, plan water landings from here to places such as Kemer-Kaş-Datça-Alacatı-Girne, and you will be the number 1 of the country and the region in this regard.