Intercity Railways

Visit from Asimder to Kars Station

The NGOs of Azerbaijan Beynelxalq Diaspor Center (BDM) who came to Kars at the invitation of the International Association for the Fight against Unfounded Armenian Claims (ASIMDER) visited Kars train station, the last stop of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway. [more…]

Istanbul Airport is the runway
34 Istanbul

3. Airport Radar Protection

The new 3. Airport Radar Protection, DHMİ, 3'inci Airport with sensors and radars will protect the latest technology. The project will be piloted in Antalya. Less than a year before opening [more…]

06 Ankara

TCDD 295 Staff Recruitment Applications Started

TCDD 295 personnel recruitment applications started. With the publication of İŞKUR announcements, an application page was opened for the recruitment of TCDD 295 public personnel. TCDD 295 personnel recruitment applications started. Turkey Business Association (TEO) on the website [more…]


Buses begin new era!

A new era begins in buses, including Turkey. Google officially announced the bomb feature for bus riders! The developers of Google Maps are getting ready to bring a very useful new feature to the popular map application. [more…]

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91 India

Train hit elephants in India

Train Hits Elephants in India: A train moving towards the state of Assam in northeast India crashed into a herd passing through the tracks, killing five elephants. Local media reported 100 times in the region in the last 40 days. [more…]

Zorkun Plateau Cable Car

Zorkun Plateau Ropeway System Feasibility Ready

Zorkun Plateau Ropeway System Feasibility Ready: “Technical, Economic and Financial Feasibility of Osmaniye Karaçay Valley Ropeway System” carried out by Osmaniye Special Provincial Administration within the scope of DOĞAKA Direct Activity Financial Support Program [more…]