Manisa chooses red for electric buses

The survey to determine the color of electric buses to be used in public transportation, which is one of the environmentally friendly investments of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, has ended. In the survey, citizens chose the color of the 18-meter-long buses as red with 21 percent of the 59 thousand 32,62 votes used. While Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continues to make a name for itself with its environmentally sensitive investments and projects, [more…]

35 Izmir

Union antagonism was approved in İZBAN

The reemployment decision in the lawsuit filed by the private security officers who were dismissed on the grounds that they were union members in İZBAN was upheld by the Supreme Court. It was also accepted by the Supreme Court that the right of subcontracted private security guards to organize unions in İZBAN, the rail transportation system operated jointly by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, was blocked. In December 2014, he became a member of the Güvenlik-İş Union affiliated to Türk-İş. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus Accident Statement by IMM

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality reported that 1 people were injured, one of them seriously, in the metrobus accident that occurred in Sefaköy Çobançeşme locality, and the cause of the accident would be determined after technical investigations. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality made a statement about the accident that occurred as a result of a metrobus hitting the bellows of another metrobus coming from the opposite direction in the morning hours in Sefaköy Çobançeşme locality. In the statement, “Metrobus in the direction of Sefaköy Topkapı at 19 in the morning. [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara-Samsun railway project should start immediately

President of the Black Sea Journalists Federation President Erdoğan Erişen said, “It is imperative that the Samsun-Sarp railway project is handled as a priority. In this context, the Ankara-Çorum-Samsun railway project should be started as soon as possible”. Black Sea Journalists' Federation (KGF) 4th Presidents' Meeting was held in Ordu. Ergun Ata, Secretary General of the Confederation of Journalists of Turkey, attended the meeting and touched upon the issue of freedom of the press. President of the Black Sea Journalists Federation [more…]

06 Ankara

Silk Road signaling from NETAŞ

Emphasizing the importance of the agreement they made with the Chinese technology giant ZTE, NETAŞ General Manager Müjdat Altay said that ZTE bought the shares of NETAŞ in order to become a faster global company and to serve the EMEA Region. Pointing out that high-speed trains will be used within the scope of the One Road One Belt project developed by China to revitalize the Silk Road, Altay said, “They chose NETAŞ as a center of excellence. [more…]

16 Bursa

Protocol Signed for Automotive Testing Center

A protocol was signed for the Automotive Test Center, which is under construction in Bursa's Yenişehir district. Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü said that the Ministry of Development is also involved in the Automotive Test Center Project carried out by the Turkish Standards Institute, and that they want to include the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry in the project in terms of being broader and more inclusive. Özlü, at the signing ceremony held on November 2, 2017, President Recep Tayyip [more…]

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16 Bursa

Aktaş: 40-45 percent relief will be provided in Bursa's traffic

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has become a giant structure with the new law. Consider 17 district, dozens of affiliated institutions, thousands of staff. Alinur Aktas, who has completed his first month in office, works day and night in order to understand the structure despite his 13,5 annual municipality experience. Sometimes the athletes who want to continue the match despite their injuries due to high tempo sometimes manage to survive with a needle. [more…]

81 Japan

Top Train in the World: Train Suite Shiki-Shima

Train Suite Shiki-Shima, designed in Japan and introduced in May, started its service. There is nothing that is not luxurious in this train, where comfort is at the highest level. Traveling to different destinations such as Tochigi Valley, Nikko Toshogu Shrine, local hot springs and fish markets, the train has magnificent cruise wagons, suite, dining and resting wagons. World-renowned Japanese chef Katsuhiro [more…]


Samsun Metrobus Vehicle Lobby Anxiety.

The sounding of the tunnel main road proposal that will connect Canik-Atakum in Samsun without the transportation master plan and the purchase of 70 imported long buses by the municipality without any account, brought up the question of whether the tram lines will also turn into metrobus lines. CHP is against the project. Samsun residents said that the old metrobus love of the mayor of Samsun 4 years ago relapsed, saying stubbornly. [more…]


Kayseray 10 carried 30 million passengers per month

The tram, which was put into service by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in 2009, carried 2017 million 10 thousand 30 passengers in the first 335 months of 449. In the first 2016 months of 36, 323 million 520 thousand 2017 passengers got on the tram vehicles, which were used by 10 million 30 thousand 335 passengers in the past 449. According to statistical data, during January – October 2017 [more…]


Production and Sales Record from Kardemir

Kardemir A.S. He announced that a record was broken in all production items in the 2017 months that passed 1 month before the end of 11. At Kardemir, which produced 2016 million 2 thousand tons of Liquid Steel in 173, 2017 million 1 thousand tons of production was realized one month before the completion of 2. While it was announced that there were record increases in the scale of value-added products, Ray-Profil production increased the last year. [more…]

06 Ankara

Günay Accepts YHT Machinists

AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Emine Nur Günay met with High Speed ​​​​Train Engineers in the Parliament. Günay listened to the demands and suggestions of the machinists. Eskişehir Deputy Emine Nur Günay, who hosted the machinists at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, listened to the mechanics' suggestions and demands. Günay, who received a file related to the subject from them, stated that he would share these requests with those concerned and would follow up. YHT machinists, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Piyer Loti-Miniatürk cable car tender canceled

After the Havaray and Haliç Underwater Highway Tunnel projects of Kadir Topbaş, the former Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor, the tender for the 'Pierre Loti-Miniatürk' project, which was planned to connect the two sides of the Golden Horn, was also cancelled. According to Habertürk's report, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal canceled another project planned during the Kadir Topbaş term. The tender for the 'Piyer Loti-Miniatürk' cable car line, which is planned to connect the two sides of the Golden Horn [more…]