Belvan Moves 567 Thousand Passengers In One Month

With the electronic ticket system 'Belvan Card', one of the important transportation projects of Van Metropolitan Municipality, 567 thousand 806 passengers were transported in a month. Also in one month period 22 thousand 331 person received the card.

Murat Zorluoğlu, Governor of Van and Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, 18 in line with the instructions November 2017'de electronic ticketing system 'Belvan Card' application attracts great interest. Despite the short-term removal of the toll system, municipal buses carry 517 806 passengers in a month, while private public buses carry around one thousand 50 passengers. In addition, 22 bin 331 'Belvan Card' was sold throughout the city.

Kemal Mescioğlu, Head of Transportation Department, said that one of the successful works of 2017 in Van was the implementation of the Bel Belvan Card uygulam application.

Mescioğlu said, “With this application, we have provided a comfortable journey to our people. We also prevented our citizens from wasting time with money shopping in the vehicle. 18 November The Bel Belvan Card uygulam application, which we started with our Governor and Deputy Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu at 2017, continues very successfully. As you know, in order not to have problems for our citizens, we have also continued our mercenary transport system along with our cards. However, we plan to remove it soon. As of the year 2018, we will be fully integrated into the card system. ”


Kemal Mescioğlu warned citizens who do not receive their cards, and within a short period of time, both municipal vehicles and public buses will go completely to the card application, he said:

“We receive discounted and free card applications at 3, one of which is around Cumhuriyet Street, one at Yapı Kredi Bank, one at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University campus area and the other at Faki Teyran Park. In addition, full card sales and refills are made at the 54 point throughout the city. Our citizens need to get their cards around here as soon as possible. ”



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