Freight Train and Cars Collide in Konya! 2 Injured

In the Akşehir district of Konya, the level crossing with the automatic barrier strikes the barriers that are lowered in the passage, and the freight train collides with the car standing in the passage. 2 people in the vehicle were injured in the accident.

According to information obtained, the accident, the night time 01.00 ranks on the Aksehir-Yunak highway automatic barrier level crossing occurred. Celal Akarsu (55) in the direction of Akşehir from Yunak direction, led by 06 206 XNUMX plate cars and freight train level crossed level crossing.

Accident in the car driver Celal Akarsu (55) and Dudu Uzun (63) were injured. After the accident, wounded in the vehicle, the firefighters from the scene were rescued by the intervention of fire crews.

The wounded were taken to the hospitals by ambulances from the scene. Celal Akarsu, who had his first intervention in Akşehir, was sent to Meram Faculty of Medicine because his life-threatening life persists.

63633, detained after the accident, was released after taking the express train engineer statement.

An investigation into the accident has begun.



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