Başkentray will reach Yenikent Area

General Director of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), who participated in the protocol Ank Başkentray's integration into the Ankarakart system asyon signed with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality İsa ApaydınIn his speech, yüzde We have made 90 progress in Başkentray. Hopefully our suburbs with high speed trains will start working in the first quarter of March. The High Speed ​​Train Station, which we opened in Ankara, which we see as the center of our core high speed train network, has given the Capital a new face and identity. We built the most modern and environmentally friendly High Speed ​​Train Maintenance Station in Etimesgut Emirler. With this project, we came to the end of the Başkentray project to provide railway transportation services to metro station in Ankara.

Within the scope of the project, we are building a new railway between Ankara-Kayaş, 4 and 6 between Marşandiz and Marşandiz-Sincan. When the Baskentray project, including the YHT West Transit Gar, will be commissioned, a suburb will be operated every 5 minute between Sincan and Kayaş. BNUMX will provide service to the city. I wish that the protocol, which includes the integration of Ankarakart in Başkentray, will be beneficial for our organizations and people from Ankara. Ilar

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Tuna said in his speech:, Today, we are carrying out all transportation in a single card in Ankara. There is a situation only in blue buses (public bus). I hope that we will be connected to this card in a short time. As a result, we will be able to handle all transportation with a single card in Ankara. I would like to thank our General Manager and his team. They make suburban lines very modern. Shortly after entering the service of Başkentray will make a serious contribution to Ankara transportation. With the great efforts of our General Manager and his team, I hope the suburban line will be extended to the Yenikent area. With two stations from Sincan, our suburban line will continue to Yenikent. Thus, we will have a serious transportation opportunity from Yenikent to Kayas. Böylece



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