Good News from President Tuna on Balance Transfer in Ankarakart

the tender of the transfer of balance in the card from the president tuna
the tender of the transfer of balance in the card from the president tuna

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, taking into account the demands and requests of the people of the capital continues to sign new decisions. In this context, the 24 hours of uninterrupted transportation service and the second gospel as a good news of the balance of the transfer of Ankarakart came.

Tuna, the Metropolitan Municipality Council, which will be discussed in relation to the new transport gospel, "Now the capital city, public transport cards Ankarakart'dan, will be able to transfer the balance to another Ankarakart," he said.

By providing modern and high quality service to the people of Ankara, he stated that they will continue their works to maximize the satisfaction of the public transportation service provided.

President Mustafa Tuna underlined that they continue to work for the fulfillment of the citizens' wishes with the slogan N Service, power, service, power in. the card will be entitled to transfer the balance from the card to the card so as not to exceed the amount of boarding. bin

Referring to the ver Personalization Points ”in Beşevler, Dikimevi, Akköprü and Kızılay subway stations, Tuna said, This service will be beneficial to all our citizens in Ankara Beş.

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