Important steps will be taken in Sincan Yenikent commuter line and connection roads project

Important steps will be taken in the Sincan Yenikent suburban line and connection roads project: Sincan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Good news on the gospel from Mustafa Tuna. President Tuna, who met with high school students every week, heralded that important steps will be taken in the Yenikent commuter train line and connection roads project.
Sincan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, the students continue to meet. President Tuna, who has met thousands of students in the context of the program şt Head to Head with Tuna Teens “, has recently met with Nefise Andiçen Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School students. President Tuna answered the students' questions about Xinjiang.
In 2016, Tuna said that serious steps will be taken in transportation in Xinjiang and that they came to an end in the project work on the extension of Xinjiang suburb to Yenikent. President Tuna said, Bak Project works on the continuation of the Sincan suburb to Yenikent are being completed with the instructions of the Minister of Transport. I hope construction tender will be made within the year and the rail system will be in service as soon as possible İn.
President Tuna, Eskişehir and Vatan Street link will connect with the work of the boulevard continued, i Sincan, Eskişehir Road connects. With this boulevard, Sincan will also live its golden age in transportation. Connecting Sincan to Eskişehir Highway will also contribute to the development of our district. S President Tuna, Eskişehir State Road, Ayaş State Road and the Istanbul Ring Road will connect the foundation of the project will be thrown in the coming days, he said. Tuna said, hem With this 40 kilometer road, both Xinjiang and Ankara will take a sigh of relief in transportation. T
Chairman Tuna, eye Yenikent Akcaören about 4 thousand 500 acres of land has a land. We have initiatives to make this a large University campus. It'il be like a whole new city. Housing, housing, social facilities will take place. In this area, transportation should be comfortable for this type of project. We all know that there is no way where there is no way. We can't live where we can't go. For this, we also follow the rail system at Yenikent. Highway transportation will be provided with the project that will connect Eskişehir State Highway, Ayaş State Highway and Istanbul Ring Road. The work of this project will begin in the coming days. The works of the boulevard linking Eskişehir Highway with Vatan Avenue continue. All these developments will open the way for Yenikent to the living space with its huge university campus. Tüm
President Tuna, students wondered about politics also answered. Dü There is a basic notion in politics. You must be honest, transparent and fair Başkan, said President Tuna, always clear about everything. President Tuna said,, I have never made populism so far, I do not. I didn't say yes to things that wouldn't be. If nothing will happen. I've been clear so far and I have no complaints about it Net.

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