Over 354 Million Passengers are Carried by EGO with Bus and Rail Systems

ego 2018 354 over the million passengers
ego 2018 354 over the million passengers

EGO General Manager Balamir Gundogdu announced that 2018 passengers transported by bus, rail systems and cable car at the end of the year.

In the capital, which has increased the number of passengers thanks to improvements in the lines, the transportation of 354 million 363 930 passengers has been carried out last year with both EGO buses and Rail Systems.


EGO's 69 million 874 thousand 270 people who travel by public transport, including elderly, disabled and duty card, took advantage of public transport free of charge.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna's network of citizen satisfaction with public transport instructions that preceded the expansion of the newly established station has introduced significant innovations in 2018 opportunity to travel with contactless credit cards were taken from Ankarakart.

Assuming the mission of delivering citizens safely, quickly, comfortably and in the most economical way, EGO has determined the public transportation service according to the needs of the citizens. With the integration of developing technology into the system, public transportation has been made more qualified.


General Manager of EGO, Balamir Gündoğdu remarked that, from November 18, 2017 with the directions of Mayor Mustafa Tuna, in 9 counties 24/90 transportation started with 24 buses in 35 lines. Besides, passenger pleasured that extension of metro service until 280 a.m.


553 thousand EGO buses used in public transport systems by explaining that Gundogdu million last year 215 854 581 thousand people moved, the rail system is said 135 million 660 768 thousand passenger transport services that they offer.

52 million 839 thousand 671 people who travel by EGO buses benefited from free transportation by using the free movement card in 2018. The distribution of passengers traveling by free-board bus is as follows:

62 65 2 739 22 XNUMX XNUMX person of age,

65 million 26 thousand 160 people who use card over the age of 150,

10 million 123 thousand 921 people who use the disabled card and the 2 million 140 thousand 41 people accompanying them,

3 million 812 thousand 466 people using safety card,

1 million 426 thousand 175 people using Family and Social card,

4 million 437 thousand 896 people using other free cards Diğer


The number of passengers transported by 64 kilometers in length and consists of a total of Metro Rail system in the capital and Ankaray serving in thousand 2018 135 660 768 million people were reached.

The number of passengers using free cards with free cards was also 17 million 34 thousand 599 people.

The cable car line between Yenimahalle and Şentepe, which serves both public transportation and navigation purposes, was also one of the transportation vehicles preferred by the capitalists. Last year, 2 848 581 XNUMX people traveled by cable car.


EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu made the following statements about the new projects that EGO put into practice during the 2018 year, the ongoing services and works:

Şekil The transportation network was extended to the regions where the capital was needed to make the most efficient use of public transportation services. Evaluating the demands coming from our citizens to open new lines, Eymir, Bala, Elmadağ, Polatlı and we put a new line in different 32. 900 expeditions have been made on the lines of passenger density, especially in Ankara city center.

140 closed the number of closed stops in 2 to 495.


Giving information about the ası DURAK ANKARA AK application which was put into use for the first time in August in Ankara, Gündoğdu said:

Ilar Thanks to this application, the capitalists began to learn the time to reach the station faster. Developed by the Department of Information Technology and the world for the first time used by the capitalist system is working on the 'whatsapp' line. EGO we offer use of mobile applications beyond "STOP ANKARA" passengers wishing to benefit from the application of "ALO 153 Blue Table" line used to be "0312 153 00 00" You need to record the number of mobile phones. By entering the stop number from this number, the city bus transportation information is provided instantly. Mes


Electronic ticket card used in Metro, Ankaray and EGO buses

Getiril ANKARAKART de was also made compatible with ELVs and the TA BAŞKENTRAY hat suburban line from private public transport.

Indicating that the public transport service outside EGO also started to use Ankarakart in the ELVs, Gundogdu said, aya Private Public Buses continue to work for ÖHAs. Within the framework of the protocol we realized with TCDD, the suburban train line, which has the capacity of carrying 520 thousand passengers every day, started to be used simultaneously from April 2018 in Başkentray imiz.

At the 54 Kioks, which is located at the 84 Metro station, which is a Kızılay Metro joint station, a credit card was installed on Ankarakart.


In order to enable the capitalists to benefit from public transportation in a comfortable and trouble-free manner, it was possible to travel with debit and contactless credit cards used in many cities around the world.

Public transportation in the capital, including domestic and foreign tourists without using Ankarakart in a single ride 3 TL by paying contactless credit card or debit card paved the way for traveling.


Nowadays, in parallel with the developing technology, the mobile charging device, which has become indispensable for everyone, has been installed on the 150 bellows bus in the capital.

General Director of EGO Balamir Gündoğdu stated that the charge boxes will be installed on all buses over time and the citizens will be able to charge their devices.


EGO provided in-service training to its employees, including bus drivers, rail systems, technical and administrative personnel, as well as 2018 every year.

General Directorate of EGO, Turkey Union of Municipalities, the State Personnel Department, Ministry of Interior, Turk Telekom Academy and the scope of cooperation was given TODAIE 3 835 thousand staff training.

Teknik Psycho-Technical Evaluation larda and of Driver Training Simulation UM tests were conducted at 2 thousand 523 drivers who work in the institution. Besides, Sürüş Safe Driving Training uzman, ”Effective Communication and In-House Communication Training“, ”Fire and Fire Protection Training“, ”Psychological Risk Training Trainings“ and ”Basic First Aid Trainings Eğitim were organized by experts.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, 3 July 2018 from the date of the direct transportation service between OSB-Törekent-Batıkent-Kızılay announced.

With the implementation of the long-awaited application, Ankara also saved time.


With the only card introduced in the capital transportation, discount applications and the direct transportation in rail systems, a record decrease was observed in the illegal use of Ankarakart.

In recent years, 3 bin 755 illegal access to the number of improper use of the third person's unused use of the third person, 2018 557 in the XNUMX'ların fell.


Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina Gundogdu, indicating that the support of the Local Government Inter-Cooperation Project EGO General Directorate of Turkey Union of Municipalities and the protocol signed between the EGO 3pm EGO buses of Mostar said that the Municipality sent


91 621 3 90 area in the area of ​​Mamak district Kusunlar neighborhood. Gündoğdu stated that the regional campus has started to be constructed and oğ The physical realization of the campus with units such as CNG Station, Gas Station, Workshop, Covered Garage, Bus Wash Unit and Service Building has been completed with a percentage of 1. Bus 4. XNUMX with Regional Directorate. We also started to work to move the locations of the Regional Directorates to different places and to make more modern settlements. Bölge

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