What to Do in Istiklal Street Arrangements

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Taksim-Tunnel Tram, 11 month after the band started playing again.

1883'da first serving and 1961 until the year after the 29 29 1990 225 December in the name of the Nostalgic Tram, which was re-commissioned the Taksim-Tunnel Tram in the Karabük-Kardemir Iron and Steel Factory was produced by processing the XNUMX Tone steel.

On the Istiklal Street we call the Open Excavation Last

With the works completed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, an Infrastructure System was installed to end the Open Excavation. On the Istiklal Street, we call the Open Excavation.

After this work, in case of any failure in the Istiklal Street and new installations, all Infrastructure Institutions will be able to draw lines without open excavation.

Due to inadequate and old wastewater lines, the wastewater recharging in the basement floors of buildings and workplaces in İstiklal Street is also undergoing a completely renewed infrastructure.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality - Department of Construction Works - Directorate of Construction Works, İstiklal Caddesi Infrastructure, Superstructure and Landscaping and Renovation of Nostalgic Tram Rails, 2016 started in December, 31 was completed as of 2017.

For years, all the infrastructure of the street has been renewed due to point excavations. Completed infrastructure works; so far mixed flowing stormwater and sewer lines will be decomposed and the street will not live again after rain. With the new Infrastructure System established for Infrastructure Institutions (İGDAŞ, BEDAŞ, TÜRK TELEKOM, İSKİ, etc.), if there is any failure and new installation in İstiklal Street, work can be done without open excavation.

Works on Istiklal Street:

All Wastewater (1.550 meters) and Stormwater (1.650 meters) infrastructure of the street has been renewed. Due to the intensive infrastructure facilities at some points on the street, Wastewater and Stormwater channel works were not carried out by the Open Excavation, but by the Pipe Push Technology under the 5 meter of the floor.

All İGDAŞ connections except the main line on the street, İSKİ Drinking Water Lines
For all the infrastructure institutions on the street (TELEKOM, BEDAŞ, Fiber Optic, ISKI etc.) line can be drawn, detachable type 000 meter (148 km) infrastructure pipes (Reservation Pipes) were installed.

-BEDAŞ: 62.500 meter Electrical Infrastructure,

-TELEKOM: 46.500 meters

-Fiberoptik (IMM): 39.000 meters

148.000 meter = 148 km

BEDAS, TELEKOM, Fiber Optic 800 meter Subscriber Line was installed.

In the possible infrastructure works on the street, a total of 120 thousand meters and high pressure resistant 70 corrugated pipe system was installed and a new approach 310 chimney / manhole was used to provide an approach to these excavations. 30 of these pipes is left as empty pipe, so that in the following years for any possible needs, in the event of any failure and new plumbing work can be done without open excavation.

Nostalgic Tram Line, which continually disintegrates the floor, is constructed with brand new rails covered with vibration damping agent in the elastomer (rubber) structure.

The entire infrastructure of the Nostalgic Tram (1.870 meter), (Rail, scissors, scissors engine, etc.) and superstructure (Catenary Line), all energy cables have been renewed.

10x15x30 cm-sized, impact-resistant 500 m2 Natural Granite Stone was paved with all the hard floor of the street. Because; Nostalgic trolley emitted to the environment due to vibration and the infrastructure of the institutions had to do on the street because of the damage to the coating, the comfort and appearance of the street in terms of the renovation of the top had made it necessary.

Hydraulic Cork Barriers to all street heads for the safety of the street
All the lighting infrastructure and superstructure of the street lighting and catenary system

Infrastructure and Superstructure of the Nostalgic Tram

1990, which was re-opened as Nostalgic Tram in 27, has been operating continuously for 2.500 for years. The renovation of the Nostalgic Tram Line became a necessity due to the breakage at some points of the line and the erosion of the scissor zones.

New rails supported by vibration absorber Elastomer (rubber) materials were installed on the tram line. Thanks to the elastomer coatings around the rail, vibration will not be transmitted around the rail and there will be no damage to the coating around the rail.

The existing catenary (electric) system ropes and tensioners, which cause failures and disruptions in tram services, have been renewed with the latest technology materials.

Nostalgic Tramway Rails and Catenary System Renewal What Was Done?

27 has been dismantled from the old rails of the Nostalgic Tram, providing uninterrupted service for years. The concrete around the old rails was broken and concrete was poured in order to prevent the vibration of 10 cm thickness according to the new elevations. New rails covered with rubber material were then laid. The vibration-damping rubber material was placed underneath these newly laid carrier concrete and on both sides, and the vibration movements that could be caused by the tram's own weight were prevented. After the completion of the production, the mastic asphalt (black color) with 4 cm thickness and then the mastic asphalt (green color) with the thickness of 3 cm was completed. Shortly after the green color of the asphalt has been used, it will become opaque and become compatible with the natural granite stone paved on the ground.

Beyoğlu Nostalgic Tram Line

In xnumxyıl; Galata, Tepebaşı and Istiklal Street tram lines were installed and in 1883 the Galata-Şişli Tram Line, which includes İstiklal Street (Cadde-i Kebir), was put into service. This line, which was put into service in 1883, started from the beginning of Yüksekkaldırım Voyvoda Street, Şişhane, 1883. Municipal Department, Tepebaşı Kabristan Street, British Consulate (Galatasaray), Cadde-i Kebir (İstiklâl Caddesi), Taksim, Pangalti, started to follow the direction of Sisli.)

12 on August 1961 all European Side Trams bid farewell to rails

29 December 1990 Nostalgic Tram, Tünel-Taksim line was put into service and said hello again to the people of Istanbul.

Method followed:

In the studies on İstiklal Street; 130 people, including 60 people at night and 190 people during the day, 8 Team (except 19.00-22.00 hours) daily, uninterrupted 21 hours were studied.
Simultaneously, two simultaneous workings (Tunnel-Taksim Square, Taksim Square and Tunnel) were started. It was carried out in Stages 100 or 150 meters.

The work schedule was planned as day and night to avoid the hassle of the street, the lack of victimization of tradesmen and the daily flow of Istiklal Street, which is frequented by domestic / foreign tourists.

Infrastructure works such as excavations were carried out with night work and granite coating works were done with daytime running principle.

In order to prevent the tradesmen from being affected by the works, all building and business entrances were put on pedestrian bridges specially designed for this work, and the citizens were able to enter and exit the buildings and stores.

On the weekend, especially on Saturday evenings, the streets were not busy for the citizens not to suffer.

Temporary concrete and asphalting was carried out in the areas where the study was carried out and there was the possibility of walking in the street without walking the mud evenly.

For the safety of citizens and shopkeepers, the work area was covered with hair panels with a height of 70 cm.

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