BTK and Direct Line with the first railroad to Turkey to Kostanay


Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line in October 30 2017 'direct railway operations also added new routes to Turkey with countries in the region after the realization.

In this context, Kazakhstan / Kostanay from Turkey and opened the first direct railway line.

With the supply of uninterrupted rail network from Kostanay to Mersin with BTK, flour, grain feed and so on. cargoes will be delivered to Mersin with BTK.

With the BTK, which is the shortest, fastest, most economical and the most suitable line for the transportation from Asia to Europe and to the Middle East or vice versa, transportation costs will be significantly reduced, while significant increases will be achieved in freight transport volume.

Kazakhstan Railways Freight Transportation AŞ-Sagindyk Zhumabaev Kostanay Branch Manager, provided on the direct railway transportation between Turkey and Kostanav made the following statement: "Kuri said transportation will be carried out from the newly opened port. As a result, the new sales market was opened for Kostanay businessmen in the agricultural sector. The distance from the new route is shorter than the 892 km by Russian rail transport from Novorossiysk port. With the new transit line of Kostanay feed products, the producers are opening up new sales markets in new directions and have the opportunity to make new contracts with the members of the market. Kost

The first container of the new line from Kostanay, the 38 pieces, which carry the herbal feed products, is expected to set off in the coming days. Considering that the interest will be intense even after the first expedition, the Kostanay Freight Forwarding Department plans to evaluate the new route to the grain traders and flour producers of the region, which will reduce transport time and move to iler door-to-door ardından.

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