The auction of the railway of Kerch Bridge went to the close friend of Putin

The tender for the railway construction of the Kerch Bridge went to Putin's close friend: the latest news from the project for the construction of the canceled railway from the auction of the Kerch Bridge, which is intended to connect Crimea to Russia. St. Petersburg, a close friend of his youth and reported that the judo partner, Arkadi Roternerg'e businessman.

Kommersant, who gave the news, wrote that Rotenberg's Stroygazmontazh, the contractor of the Kerch Bridge, will implement the 17 billion-ruble project. The cost of the Kerch Bridge, which the company bought in February 2015, is 228 billion rubles, ie about 4 billion dollars. Bridges and railways are expected to be completed and put into service at 2018.

The news about the railway on the bridge last week, "The uncertainty in the tender continues" was reflected in the media as follows:

“According to the Prime agency, the Federal Rail Transport Agency (Rosjeldor) announced that there is not a single application for the tender for the railway construction of the Kerch Bridge and the tender was once again declared invalid.

The highest cost of the project was 16,9 billion rubles and the end time was November 2019. Experts attributed the lack of interest in the tender to the low ceiling price.

The construction of the Kerch Bridge started in 2014. The 19-wide bridge is expected to be the longest bridge in Russia. There are four lane roads and two railways on the bridge. It is aimed to open the highway part of the bridge in December 2018.

Putin, said in a recent press conference, said that the strategic investment of the Kerch Bridge will benefit the economy of Crimea and contribute to the development of Russian-Ukrainian relations, he said.

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