Gaziantep Transportation Network Is Developing Day by Day

Gaziantep public transportation fees
Gaziantep public transportation fees

📩 04/10/2020 11:13

Gaziantep Transportation Network is Developing Day by Day: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Gaziantep Transportation Inc. (GAZİULAŞ) carried an average of 3 thousand bus passengers per day with 169 buses, and served 65 thousand tram passengers on the tram line. GAZİULAŞ demonstrated its quality in passenger transportation with its young staff with an average age of 70.

Followed the developments in public transportation, Büyükşehir renewed its buses with an innovative and contemporary perspective and offered alternatives to citizens such as trams and bicycles. 26 met the city's public transport network years ago, the Metropolitan, held the satisfaction of the public and GAZİULAŞ entered into the process of incorporation in the process of carrying the service flag even higher.


GAZİULAŞ established in 01 in the city of 1992 in January 2014, 1 has established its corporate structure after January 2016, started bus management and took the public transportation service in Gaziantep. 1 As of June 2016, the company has started to operate Tram management and 1 has leased its urban bike rental business as a part of GAZİBİS project.


81 staff on the day of the company providing transportation services, subcontractors companies, including security, driver, cleaning, including the staff of all the staff of the group was a large family with 817 employees. GAZİULAŞ, which has a young company profile with the average age of 37, carried the Gaziantep Card system used by 460 thousand people throughout the city and carried the 30 of the total passenger in the city. The transportation network of the company, which provides services to the village of 210, continues to develop day by day.


30 on 53 countryside line and 169 bus with daily average 65 passenger carrying thousands of passengers, 22 kilometers on the length of the line of Gaziantep Rail System, Courthouse-Horoscope, Courthouse-Gar, Ibn Sina-Gar 3 and even 94 day by day 70 Thousands of tram passengers offered high quality service. The 7 bike rental service is based on the 108 station and the company has more than 1000 dealers, 8 card filling machines and 300 cards for the operation of the 55 facility operated by the municipality, as well as the public transportation vehicle 4, within the scope of Gaziantep Kart project. operation center opened.

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