Atlas Logistics Awards Reward Innovative Projects

The logistic and transportation sector is followed by more interest every year and the Atlas Logistics Awards are left to be finalized. The 8th edition of the ında International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair ında, which will be held on November 8th, will be held in 15-17 November.

Fatih Şener, the member of the Organizing Committee and the Chairman of the International Transporters' Association (UND), made a statement on the Atlas Logistics Awards.

On the 3 main line, Fatih Şener stated that online voting in the online category continued. Im When we look at the reflection of the results that came first to us as the organizing committee, I see that we will witness a fierce struggle in this lane and that the race will continue until the last minute. In our other important lane corporate category, we see that very good and powerful companies apply. The number of applications also seems satisfactory. However, in order to achieve a more objective result, I would like to invite all the companies who think that they are worthy of an award and apply to the competition. Objektif

Şener continued his words as follows: Özellikler One of the most important features of the Atlas Logistics Awards is the support of projects with innovative features in the field of logistics. When you look at the ATLAS Logistics Awards jury, which is always made up of very important names, it is possible to see how strong a panel of judges was formed this year. This important jury will gather to give jury special award to projects that will contribute directly or indirectly to logistics. We know that many innovative projects have been made in the sector, but the application is required to receive this special award. Therefore, we expect the logistics sector to participate in our competition with their projects. Dol

Participation in the competition:
Applications related to the corporate competition are made through the application forms on the website. The online competition category consists of two stages. In the first stage, candidates are shown online and candidates determined in the second stage are voted in digital environment. Nominations are also made on the award website for special export companies.

Logistics Awards 2017 corporate application and online voting processes is done through the address. All application processes are free.

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