Binali Yildirim went train and roadway crashed transportation

Binali Yıldırım went and the railroad collapsed: The road between Gebze and Izmit, which will remain closed for 81 days, was billed for the citizens. While there was a loss of both time and money in the queues, there was only 1 D-100 highway left for the transition to Anatolia from the railways that were closed due to high speed train works.

Due to the maintenance work between Gebze Junction and Izmit East Junction, which started on May 24 and will last until July 100, directing the vehicles to the D-XNUMX highway, which is operating at full capacity, increased the traffic chaos. While there were long queues on the roads, it was two or three hours to wait in traffic on the line in question. Responsible workers who gathered all the attention that the alternative route providing a transition from Istanbul to Anatolia on the grounds of high-speed train construction works, also closed the ordinary traffic, intensified the ordinary traffic, and claimed that it is necessary to work only at night instead of performing maintenance throughout the day.


The road closed for maintenance affected millions of people, while shipping and bus companies joined the victims. Explaining that the route between Turkey and Europe is closed, the International Transporters Association (UND) President stated that the companies are working with minimum inventory and that every product that will be late in this case will cause great problems. Three thousand internationally a day on the aforementioned line, and the 20 thousand truck passes through the voicing Nuhoğlu, previous studies, such as the night 11 and the closure of the road between the morning will be much more reasonable logic, he said. Nuhoğlu underlined that they are experiencing great hardship in terms of the transportation of goods from Europe to Anatolia. Yaş European drivers have the right to operate for eight hours daily. Tachometers in the vehicles are examined activity hours. They look like they worked for two hours in traffic. So they have to rest for eight hours. This causes the delay of the products they carry ler.


Noting that the cost of waiting for a TIR in 1 hour traffic is 20 €, Nuhoğlu said, arac If we consider that the total 20 thousand vehicle passes, the total cost of the two-hour wait is 800 thousand €. The loss of the 81 daily closed road is 65 million. Multiple trucks of different sizes will be affected by this situation. The loss will be too big here because it will be in delayed products. The domain is too large, Etki he stated.

1000 bus passes per day

Fatih Sultan in the past year in Mehmet Bridge this work as in the actual maintenance work also will create long waiting times eye-catching in Turkey Bus Federation (TOFED) President Mehmet Erdogan, "the company four - live five-hour delay. This creates additional costs. 1500 of 1000 vehicles departing from Istanbul use this route. The diesel used without waiting is increasing 1. For example, if one bus from Istanbul to Ankara, Ankara, uses 1 pounds of diesel, it will spend another 500 pounds of diesel without waiting. ”


KOCAELI's Gebze and the Bay district between the TEM road capital Ankara direction, viaducts for the work of superstructure isolation on Monday due to the hour since the 03.00 has been closed. In this section, transportation will be provided by D-24 highway until July. The direction of TEM is Ankara, which has been paralyzed since the first day of closure in Gebze. The drivers are directed to the D-100 highway from TEM turnstile when they come to Gebze from Istanbul. Highways teams 100 will complete the work by working continuously for 81 hours throughout the day. The studies were planned according to the completion of the 24 in July by taking into consideration the density that will start on the roads before the Eid al-Fitr, which will start in July.

dream in five hours Izmit

Drivers who live in a very big trouble from the first day and five hours Izmitlerini explaining that they could not reach Izmit and the local traffic telephones to lock the phone. Drivers and newspapers looking for television, drivers will continue for months and the 1 solution, if not in Istanbul, Izmit said they were worried that they could be reached in five hours.



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