First Overseas Export Cargo Trains Moved From Gökköy

The first freight trains, consisting of 19 wagons loaded with containers carrying the products of 15 industrial establishments in Balıkesir, which were exported to 85 countries, were sent off with a ceremony on October 04, 2017 to reach Bandırma and İzmir ports from Gökköy Logistics Center.

TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbey, TCDD Transport Inc. Izmir Regional Coordinator Muslum Yurdakul, Provincial and District Municipalities representatives, Chamber of Industry Chairman Ismail Ugur, Chamber of Commerce President Fahri Ermişler'in as well as managers of industrial organizations and many guests attended.

We start our export mobilization with the movement of our first train

İsmail Uğur, President of the Balıkesir Chamber of Industry, said, “Today we witness one of the milestones for the Balıkesir industry. We start the export mobilization at the Balıkesir Gökköy Logistics Center with the action of our first train. In this important step, our industrialists have a serious contribution to the railways. They have adjusted their production and containers for today, and the railways have made the necessary arrangements for the lines. ”

Our export target is 1 billion dollars

The President of Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce, Fahri Ermişler, stated that they supported this investment with their members and said: “As of today, Balıkesir's exports are 373 million liras. Our target is at least $ 2023 billion in 1. In order to reach these targets, logistics is very important to deliver the products we produce to the target markets. ”

Gökköy Logistics Center is very important for İzmir and Bandırma Ports

TCDD 3rd Region Manager Selim Koçbey said, “The logistics centers, which are considered as the base of modern transportation, will integrate with rail transportation, land and sea transportation and combined transportation will be realized. In this context, we proudly see that logistics centers have been put into service in many parts of our country. 20 of a total of 7 logistics center projects were implemented in the entire network. One of the centers opened to operation is Balıkesir Gökköy Logistics Center and this center is a dry port logistics center which is of great importance for Bandırma and İzmir Ports. ” he spoke.

TCDD Transportation Inc. is always with our industrialists

In his speech, Müslüm Yurdakul, İzmir Regional Coordinator Manager of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ said, “With the new investments in Balıkesir as in our country in general, the importance of transportation and logistics has increased once again. TCDD Transportation Inc. is with our industrialists and is ready to provide all kinds of support and service to them. Gökköy Logistics Center will contribute to the development of the region and Balıkesir industry. With the trains operated by our company, industrial products will be transported to Aliağa and Bandırma Ports in a safe, fast and economical manner. As TCDD Transportation Inc., we are honored to contribute and serve the industry of our region and our country. ”

Plaque for export mobilization initiators

After the speeches, a plaque was given to the managers of the exporting companies and those who started the export mobilization. Ugur and Ermişler, the Heads of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, gave green light and gave way to container-laden trains. Transformers, furniture, wire-nails, agricultural machinery, bleaching earth, processed marble, foodstuff and similar products of 19 industrial organizations in Balıkesir, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Italy, USA, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Denmark, It will be transported to Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Senegal, Germany, Africa and Russia from the ports of Bandırma and İzmir.

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