Günaydın Group 3. opens rail logistics center

Günaydın Group 3. has opened the railway logistics center: Gökköy Logistics Village which is just starting the container service and now it is Günaydın Group 3. opens rail logistics center

The activities of the Balıkesir Chamber of Industry's Gökköy Logistics Center in the Organized Industrial Zone began to bear fruit. Chamber of Industry Chairman Ismail Ugur and OSB management with the efforts of the recently completed construction of the first container service started Balıkesir Logistics Village, the strongest establishment of the industry Günaydın Group, opened the third railway logistics center. With the new investment, 2 will set up 4 railway logistics center in the year.

Günaydın Group Board Member Erol Günaydın, who pointed out that Balıkesir Logistics Center is one of the important investments in the sector, said,, As the group, we continue our investments on the railway in a rapid manner while celebrating our 50 year. We operate in all processes of logistics. We have become a leader in our region on our journey starting from the highway and continuing in the sector by sea, airway and finally railway. Kar President Uğur, Balıkesir Logistics Village with the introduction of a serious breakthrough, and in August, both in terms of both exports and imports, actions will increase, he added.

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